Sunday, September 20, 2009


I won.  Plain and simple, I fucking WON!  I passed my quals with flying colours (except for one on which I did not distinguish myself in the slightest, but that prof committee has a dick on it, so that does not count, 'cos I'd bet he goose-egged me).  

Now I have a lot of work to do, but this will be *good* work; *fun* work.  I hope. 

I am such a crappy person that I slept in late after going out drinking, and so I am now wishing Ms Grammarian a happy birthday; I hope today was fantastic, and this next year will be full of nothing less than pure wonderfulness!  :->

In Other News, Mummers has a busy week; on Monday (tomorrow, her birthday), she is having a cataract removed, and then on Tuesday, she is having a test to see if she can have a kidney artery would seem that some of her kidney insufficiency is because of a blocked artery; they found this out during her last hospital stay.  Oddly, her cardiologist is doing this.  I would ask my brother, but he is too busy in this program at...I need to name this place, and I think I need to name my brother...anyway, he is too busy; he worked all Labour Day weekend in their CICU/surgery, and had to spend all this Rosh Hashana working, not that I didn't as well, but my point is...I cannot talk with him at all, and it might well be a year until I can, the way this is going.  I have been able to talk to my nephew (well, one of them), 'cos my brother bought this TEN YEAR OLD a cell phone when they moved to this new state.  Did I mention that he's TEN YEARS OLD?  kk.

Butsoanyway, I am supposed to drop off a large pile of scantrons tomorrow, but I am going to be all passive-aggressive and not.  I will be staying up to finish a paper, because I lost all yesterday to going out with my fellow closed-book cohorts and drinking like a fish, something I have not done in a while.  

Ok:  Now I have to get to writing.  

Monday, September 14, 2009

ok, this one won't go to drafts...

Holiday season = NOW.

In Other News, my life is a mess; I am under so much stress from every
possible direction that I am entertaining the idea of running away
from home. I have NO days off any longer. Everyone is going batshit.
The sanest person I know right now (other than Supermom) is Baby Bat,
and that is saying a lot. And I am looking at switching up my
employment; I have been threatening, but...this is just stupid. I want
to have a NICE Holiday Season. Sigh.