Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

I know...I suck. Please check my tweets.

In brief, Harry finally got his Keppra in, so maybe now I won't be on
24-hr watch. Christ. I think all these drugs are pickling his mind, he
is dumber now than he was, say, five years ago. Sad, but what can I

Meg is off to a conference in Las Vegas, and has left me her sick cat
who has now had two surgeries, the second of which was because he
developed an abscess from hell. This cat has now cost Meg about
$1,500, and she's going to hate me if he dies on my watch. :-(

Speaking of cats, I am down to about fifteen ferals at Eviljob; I was
frustrated in getting volunteer help about a month ago, but I guess
that is due at least in part to the economy. Everyone gave job- or
money-related excuses. I can only try again. Sigh.

I am really worried about my surgery next week, and my father is not
helping; he is against tonsillectomies, and so he is campaigning for
me to suck it up and not have the surgery, but I hate the constant
pain, irritation, and infections.

My mother is still completely batshit. I do not think she noticed that
I am having surgery, much less that I am constantly sick and/or
draggy-feeling. I actually do not think she notices much of anything,
really. I love her, but she really has to be one of the most
neglectful, self-absorbed, and delusional mommies of all time; it is a
miracle I made it out of childhood.

2009's attempt to make October the shittiest month of the year fell
short. This is a good thing.

I have to go into a meeting now, I promise I will write more later.
Srsly. Swear.