Friday, August 19, 2011

Crunch Time

Wow...deadlines all around. And I'm trying to move; packing is hell, and I am losing time that I need to be attending to, oh, everything else. Meg's answer is to figure out what I want to keep, and throw the rest away. Yeah...good answer.

I have to start writing like a mad bastard, and I am just worried. In Other News, I guess everything is ok. I whine a lot. I know.

I tried to do something nice for Meg, she's annoying me with how simple everything seems in her world, and I hope she doesn't get angry with me over it. Sadly, most of the stuff I have to do is, well, stuff *I* have to do. I can't farm it out.

And when I move from here, I may never date again. This Guy is annoying me so that I've stopped phoning him. All he does is talk about himself, and if he forgets my birthday again, I'm done. I'm not giving him the chance to insult me again over the holidays about not being a fucking xtian.

Anyway...back to work. :-/

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I have been trying hard to work my way through having a chunk of a really important idea used before I could get to it, and I am having a hard time doing that.

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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Freedom and Payout

...just a few more months. December's coming. I'm exhausted, working my ass off. I'll be able to explain so much more in December.

I did get a cheque -- FINALLY -- from Menu Foods for murdering my beloved Siameasle. I claimed over 7k, and received $2,000-something. My settlement was reduced based on the number of claimants. And before you call 'bullshit', I'll photograph the cheque (removing my name, of course) and upload it before I cash it. Lisa, the psycho and abusive (and embezzling) rescuer I have blogged about in years past was making fun of me a year or so ago for actually joining the lawsuit and thinking I would get money back; for her nastiness (she decided to name-call me in PetsMart, in front of customers looking at her adoptables...she finally got back in when PersMart's manager changed; she was the one lying and claiming to be a 503c when she wasn't, and ripped off a bunch of people, including local vets). Well, I *want* to go stuff the money in her face, but that's just my mean side. My measle was worth way more, and I spent way more, than I received, but...anything is some consolation. Plus, I so desperately need the money now that it's ridiculous. I had a much better employment situation back then.

I need to get sleep. I am afraid of changes to come, and I need to compose myself and work miracles, but it's hard.

I have to have dinner with my father tomorrow evening; I hope he doesn't start trashing Mummers. I hate when he does that.

And I also hate that there's no more Television Code. No, really; I was just thinking about that today, and it made me very depressed. I think one of the reasons many people cannot process the difference between opinion and fact is that such is not clearly labelled on television any longer. Not since 1983, in case you care. We have gone downhill since then. There really are people who fall for some of the crap these talking heads spew, and it's sad. So I miss the TV Code. :-< ...and their logo. And I hate politics and politicians. They are all lying, weaselly pricks.

This Guy's birthday was a week or so ago; I gave him a watch and a card. If I get nothing again on my birthday, this will not be pretty. And no, I am not materialistic; it's the *point* of the thing. Last year, I got nothing, except a snarky little comment at Xmas about how he's a xtian (and I'm going to keep x-ing out 'Christ' just to further enrage the xtians, who as a group can't seem to figure out that 'xmas' is not a sacrilegious spelling), and I'm just some retarded heathen bitch. I take things unflinchingly, but all that shit really made me want to pick up a baseball bat and break things.

Pfft. People suck. Except you.

If you are reading this, love you. Seriously.

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