Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cos we live in a time When meaning falls in splinters from our lives…

Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm not dead yet.

Neither is Mother Liz, my stepmother's mother…so I guess she is my step-grandmother. And she is not dead, but it's coming.

I am, morally, against the withholding of food and water as a means to hasten death. While I fully support voluntary suicide and euthanasia — including voluntary terminal dehydration (VTD), if that's what blows your skirt up — I strongly believe that a systematic withholding cannot be tolerated because of the potential for a slippery slope-type justification for the denial of fundamental Human rights.

And, coincidentally enough, I believe access to food and water is a fundamental Human right. I would be happy to help out if someone needs to park a bullet in their brain, but I want them to have a nice lunch first. That's how I roll.

So this was my 2014 Thanksgiving, because my family raises the bar on dysfunction every single year: while Mother Liz is VTD'ing it, and went non-responsive a little over a day ago, we did Thanksgiving.

It's demented and sick, sure.

My offers to help out were dismissed, largely because, I think, my relatives are a pack of pussies. Or they enjoy misery, both their own and others'. Who knows? I *do* know that I would never let someone I loved go through that; if she wants out, fucking help her out. Damn.

Why is everyone so damned weird?

Wow. I just hung up with my father, and AGAIN I offered help, and again he got all defensive, saying that his wife is doing a fine job of taking care of her mother. Fuck this shit. I told him that he has my phone number and morphine, and I have the Vistaril and glucophage, so quit being stupid. He said he'd phone if help turning her was needed again. Whatever.

Yeah, my morality says I have to hear it from my stepmother. I can't just go all vigilante, even if it's clear that *someone* needs to. Fuck, this makes me angry. And sad. Angry and sad. I really liked Mother Liz; I kind of loved her, really. She reminded me of Mom a lot.

I'm going to pretend this shit isn't happening and watch movies. I'm home now. And I moved. More about that later.

Hugs and love.

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