Friday, January 22, 2010

Hesperus is Phosphorus

And, actually, things are mostly ok.  I was really happy to find out that Butler 2: Electric Butleroo, one of my ferals at Eviljob, is already neutered.  Yes, my parking lot BFF finally let me get close enough to see a tiny little left-hand ear tipping, and all of a sudden, I understood why my parking lot BFF (he follows me EVERYWHERE) would not let me get close -- I already trapped him and cut his balls off, and I merit watching. :->

I am swamped, as usual.  I had more job upheavals, and am now back to just two jobs, though that's about to end; I have to conduct some independent work, and...I'll kvetch about that later.  Promise.

I had a largely good end of 2009, and I am going to have to type on the fly and get caught up...even though there were a ton of largely good things, me being me had to have drama and pettiness in there, too.  But things are getting better, not the least of which is that, after Mummers was hospitalised for right at about a month with high blood sugar, low potassium, profound mental confusion, testing positive for CHF, and DKA, she is at least a little better about dosing herself with insulin now, which -- yes -- she is back on.  But that's good.  And the fact that my next round of trapping is not going to be as hard as I'd thought (I had already ID'd some of Butler 2's friends as ear-tipped, but they have a little more ear missing; Butleroo has *literally* only the tip missing) is a joy.  Add to that the fact that I am swimming in topics that I need to address, is ok.  Yay.

I tweet a lot, and I'll get back to posting, yes.  Promise.