Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who has read my
shit that I am stressed-out enough that I am half-suicidal...'cos
that's how I roll.

Meg's birthday was yesterday and uneventful; she did not take it off,
so I met her at around eleven p.m. for a round of birthday ice cream.

I have papers I need to grade, and others I need to write, and a
raging headache. One co-worker actually put as their status on
Facebook 'xxxxx xxxxxxx just got off a conference call to DC, and got
his funding, and manged to do it all with total B.S.ing. Xxxxxx hopes
it sounded good, because it sounded to him like a load of crap!', and
I honestly read that and have had a drilling headache since. Someone
must have suggested he change it, 'cos it was deleted about twenty
minutes later, but the stupidity of the people with whom I work simply
cannot be described in words.

I just want to get my shit done and get out of here. And get rid of
this headache. I'll be spending half of tomorrow out in Botany Bay,
and I am going to try to talk Betty into meeting me for a drink; my
stress level is over 9000. Sigh.