Sunday, May 13, 2012

Talking to Squooshable.

Squooshable told me he renamed this day 'Miss Old Lady Day'.

I tell him this not nice name.

He say it very nice name.

There no is reasoning with him.


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I am mostly ok. Still fighting the good fight, publication-wise. Hopefully I will have resolution by the end of May. Please keep your fingers crossed, because I am at my wits' end. I have had to go on Buspar to manage my panic attacks. :-/

My brother becomes a Master Mason this septembre, and I am so fucking pissed off (remember, he converted to RC for his wife) that I may join, after graduation, Le Droit Humain. I am irritated because *I* was the jobie; he turned down DeMolay (despite the fact that my father and grandfather were central and honoured in founding more than one chapter), plus my father and so on back presented themselves as primarily masons because it seemed better to them than being Jewish (publicly). Remember, my parents had us way-late; there was prejudice decades ago. But anyway, I am irritated because my BRAT (брат, ha) brother cannot just up and go be RC when he's an atheist, and then turn around and not only join a Blue Lodge and go through two degrees without telling Meg or me, but then to have the utter gall to have discussed this all with my father, even arranging for my father (a 32.5-degree when he took time off from BL, SR, YR, and Grotto...33rd degree is honorary only and doesn't really exist, though my grandfather and other uncles and so on was/were one) to come up to witness/participate/whatever they do. I'm fucking livid. He is doing this just to have a bond-y thing with the rest of my family (Mummers' side had Masons as well, and she herself was a decades-inactive OES, former RG).'s hard to explain, but...he is trying to be all "traditional" (my family's style) now, and I will be damned if I am going to sit back and let him one-up me in a returning-to-family tradition sense, especially as some kind of fucked up birthday present. So: graduate; job; join LDH. I can accomplish all of this by years' end. LDH progression is slower than regular Masonry, but that's the only choice I have. Plus I like their style. Plus-plus, that will really piss my brother the fuck off, so it's just win-win-win all around.

And I'm going to make Meg join with me.

Anyway, I have to put in a few hours at work tomorrow to clear time on Wednesday for meetings, and then it's more writing. That is all I have been doing, and I am at the cabin-fever mad stage. I love what I do. I truly love what I do. But I need a break from it. And certain crazy people. I have my fingers crossed that this all works smoothly. To afford time to write, I have had to cut back working hours since the beginning of the year, and financially my life sucks so badly, you don't even want to know. to get a tich more sleep.

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