Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I have a new love...

And I am listening as I type my ass off.  ilu so much, CC...u r almost as xlnt as teh 808.

CanNOT believe I just typed that, but...yes.  S'true.  

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kill Me Now.

Every time I undertake something like this, I end up hating why do I do it?

In Other News, damnation do I now have some porky parking lot cats.  Four rounds of TNR seem to have done the trick, though I guess I will know when I *don't* see Easter Squooshables this year.  Cross your fingers.  

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Howard Hughes was never ill, it's just his brain was a little sore...

i still have not heard about my little...potentially fruitless attempt
last week; as soon as i know, i will share, albeit limitedly.

though if i have an epic fail, well...i will bitch here unreservedly. bank it.

in Other News, at Eviljob i have switched managers again, only this
time i am working under someone i worked *with* a few years ago, when
i was in IT (still for Eviljob).

what? i don't seem like a geekgirl?'s the lighting. truth be
told, i am a titanic weirdy-type geek. i got out of IT cos there was
No Future after Eviljob realised that once we (IT peeps) got a type of
certification, we left Eviljob to work for an even bigger, more evil
corporate entity. butsoanyway.

when i was in IT, ol' Howard used to crack me the hell up -- i was sat
right next to him -- because he is batshit crazy. like seriously,
completely, off-his-meds nuts. he was constantly talking about how he
was about to put a bullet in his brain, or how our facility should be
condemned because he saw a gnat in the bathroom, and so on. we all had
nicknames, and his was 'milton' -- as in from office space. and i got
parked in-between 'milton' and 'farva' (as in from super troopers).

and no, i'll not be sharing my nickname; it was rude. :-)

so i found out today that milton -- who is now floridly psychotic --
is my new manager.  So I am renaming him Howard Hughes; it was that, or Hunter S. Thompson.

lol... I accidentally published before I was done, so I had to recall the post to finish.  Anyhoo, so I scheduled a meeting for tomorrow morning about a testing crisis at Job 2.5, and then booked to Eviljob to find out that HH is our functional group's manager.  Everyone was upset, because he has the reputation for being, well...crazy.  I was deliriously happy; we have reviews coming up, and I was sweating mine under Miss Piss, our interim manager who we all thought was here to stay.  We were not happy over this especially because Piss took an idea over from another area manager and essentially stole it, but that is another story.

...and I just took an hour-plus long phone call, the short of which is SuperMom is pregnant, and I have run out of time to finish this post, 'cos I have to get my shit together for tomorrow's meeting.  But, in the middle of a shitty month, today was a good day.  And I didn't even get a chance to tell all about how HH kept me from climbing up a tree after one of the parking lot cats.  No, seriously.  Kiki got down all by himself just fine, as predicted.  It was funny.  Now I really have to get to work.  Bwaah.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Please, I beg of you...

Do not -- ever -- make a word which ends with the letter 's' a possessive by way of slapping an apostrophe and additional 's' at the end, especially if this word is someone's last name.  It will never be, ever, no matter how much you may wish it, "Fitts's Law".  EVER.  How would one pronounce that -- 'Fitzes'? 

Great googly moogly...NO.  

Paul Brians (yes, I looked it up) said, essentially, that it is an issue of 'style', where I -- with my tenuous grasp of the English Language -- feel this falls under the same category as the pronunciation newk-yew-lerr for 'nuclear'; someone did it, others mimicked out of ignorance, and now it has found its way into the dictionary.  Once I can do some blogcleaning, I am totally filing this under 'Signs of the Coming Apocalypse'.  

In Other News, my throat hurts!  It is stress, hurts.  :-(  Pray for me and stuff.  Well, as an agnostic, I cannot endorse praying, but...thinking a nice thought would be kind.  I need a hug.  And sleep.  

Sunday, March 08, 2009

God, I Love PirateBay

I just thefted the entire TTC lecture series I needed.  OMG, PB, ilu.  

In Other News, it's really sad that I remember Bloch's Law, It = K, and prefer to write it in that form (as opposed to C = I(t), because it reminds me of IDK. in, IDK, my BFF Jill?

I guess whatever works, eh?  

Sigh...wish me well.  

Monday, March 02, 2009

Cabin Fever

We're almost at our deadline, and I have been, at this point, around
some of my team members for so long that I have begun to be annoyed by
them to the point of homicidal rage over every little fault and habit.
I wake up at four in the morning from sheer stress, then have to
medicate to get another two hours' worth of sleep. This is bad; I
could not live like this.

My cats are concerned about me; they seem to be able to sense how
stressed I am, with the exception of Rhett Butler, who is a simple,
loyal, blue cat, and deleriously happy only that I have come home
again, for however short a time.

I ran Squoosh back to our new vet (for a MIDNIGHT appointment...I love
Dr Superhero!) for a check-up, and because he barfed again; Squoosh
has a confirmed flea allergy, has stopped most all the over-grooming,
and got another shot of famotidine and depo (to settle his stomach and
a steroid for his itchy skin), and seems to be doing well -- the
Linotone (or whatever it is called) has made his coat soft and
patent-leather shiny in only two weeks, so he is getting his EFAs to
help with the itchy skin from both the fleas and the heater being run
so long and often this year. I hadn't realised how dry he had become,
'cos it happened very slowly. Everyone has really benefitted from the
Linotone as well, I think Squoosh was just the most sensitive. Dr S
has a gold-coloured bag of some granular stuff that is called
'Nature's Miracle', or something like that, which I will buy when I
run out of Linotone (the Petsmart girl had said Linotone was best out
of what they carried, that is the only reason I had picked it),
because it has Omega 3, 6, and 9, plus other stuff in it. I also need
to ask if I can simply share my fish oil pills with my cats, 'cos my
pills have 3, 6, and 9 from fish, flax, and borage (wtf is borage?),
and smells like sardines, so when I whip them out, all four of my cats
are always interested.


I will make an effort to not massacre any of my co-workers for their
idiosyncrasies, and I would have vented here, but I honestly have not
had the time to spare, plus my tack so far has been to defuse myself
by not focussing on the behaviours (for example, Mary Catherine, who
is going to end up right back in the emergency department if she
continues to pick apart everything I say and do and react so poorly
when I swipe right back at her...why are some types of women so
difficult to get along with?) in my so-called spare time, which has
worked well enough so far. After this is over, I will vent my ass off;
please understand my nervousness and tension. And I am taking a short
vacation after this is done, cos I will be waiting quite some time for
a decision.