Tuesday, September 30, 2008

is it oh is it as easy as you say as you say tell me...

so i get in late tonight from my class cos i met betty for dinner
(she'd got all her hair cut off just yesterday!), and i have *such* a
drive; so to entertain myself to and from, i mainly listen to
news/talk, only for some reason i am in an am news/talk mood for the
past few weeks when npr isn't on, which means i am hearing a lot of
eye-crossing, ear-numbing natter about this god damned bailout (i am
so, so happy i moved a considerable amout of my money into overseas
stuffs some time back), and so on. then i get home and am cuddling
rhett when this great new show comes on -- operation repo. or it might
be named operacion repo, and i sit staring in amazement.

ok...explain this to me:

how in the fuck is it that my tax dollars are supposed to be going
towards helping out all these poor minorities (though not rilly if one
looks at it closely) because they cannot afford their homes and they
are being foreclosed upon, and that's compassionate, good for the
economy, blah, blah, blah...yet seeing cars being reposessed from poor
minorities because they cannot afford them is supposed to be high

i must be really stupid -- explain slowly.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


oh, am i sick. bleah. i made the mistake of going to a new thai place
earlier, and now i don't know if it was my running around and getting
all dehydrated on saturday, the questionable thai, or just some
intestinal bug, but i am sick as hell and i am supposed to be writing
stuff for tomorrow and tuesday, but i am currently lying on my sofa
typing on my phone, listening to squoosh coo, and praying the immodium
kicks in quickly cos these cramps are awful.

i was going to blog and wait, then start writing but i was just hit
with such a feeling of tiredness that i think i will nap. :-(

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fights and Five Mo!

We (Myself, Meg, Minimeg, and a few others in our pokerklatch) had a little fight break out during poker last night, and I finally realised how terribly drunk many of the people there are. And I realised that drunks are, generally, still pretty disgusting to me.

Tonight however, we (a different 'we' -- the cat-catching 'we') rounded up five more kitties at Eviljob, minus the two that were released from the traps 'cos they were already ear-tipped from one of my previous speuterfests.

And now I have to get some sleep; I am exhausted!

Friday, September 26, 2008

closed open minds

christ... we all know i am not a conservative girl; i'm as liberal as
liberal gets without being retarded. and i exercise my right to hate
-- equally -- both moonbats and wingnuts, because they are morons.

'cept i call moonbats 'cali-liberal pinheads', and i think wingnuts
are too abhorrent to deserve a cute name. butsoanyway.

i have an open mind, and am not afraid of others' opinions, though i
do stew and steam over some of them privately. i would be the mom who
knows she's raised her children to be independent freethinkers, and
would have no worries over them listening to the most theatrically
obscene of music, or, conversely, attending a jesusfreak concert. what
one listens to and reads can be good or entertaining without agreeing
with me.


so i'm listening (low volume, and it goes off when a student
approaches) to a local wingnut radio show as i'm holding office hours.
i also occasionally listen to rush and glenn beck-type shows. why?
because they are often funny. because i believe 'know thine enemy' is
pretty nifty advice. because i can agree with some of it and not be a
cross-waving, bible-thumping freak. there is NO opinion that is
all-wrong-all-the-time, or all-right, for that matter. plus, i already
have a pretty good idea of what the libs think, cos i lean that way.
plus i listen to npr daily. ;-)

fuckaduck...i even listen to coast to coast; i am addicted to news and
information. and reading, for that matter. though anymore i can't
manage the pleasure-reading thing.

well, i just got accosted by a co-worker about being some kind of
closet conservative, and this isn't the first time. i am a little
enraged. since when does 'being true' mean favouring taking away the
right to free speech, or locking oneself away from anything that
resembles a differing opinion? of course i didn't pick a fight, but
hell...newsflash: *all* candidates this go-round are less than ideal
in my book. and i am keeping my opinion on the d-low as it were, but i
feel that i already know who will win (though meg, minimeg, and karen
vehemently insist i am delusional) and am therefore listening largely
for entertainment purposes.

and cos the unabridged southern vampire mysteries audiobooks aren't
out yet, but that's another story.

one of my jobs is in an extremely liberal environment (the other less
so with a military bent, and eviljob is largely neutral because it is
a corporate culture and we are *required* to be neutral), and i do
appreciate (and languish luxuriously) in being with my alleged fellow
moonbats...until they catch rabies. since when is it a requirement of
being liberal to have a closed mind?

in other news, harry changed to a new neurologist and is going to be
going in for testing to see if he is a candidate for surgery to stop
his seizures. it would be great if he is, cos he's spending over $900
a month for prescriptions now (and that is *with* eviljob's very
excellent prescription coverage...that's why i stay there and
supported his getting hired), and in this economy, that's huge.

i want halloween to last for two months. i already started
celebrating. oh...in other good news, baby bat has a premier role in
her silly-assed spookhouse endeavours this year -- the one she quit
eviljob to do, even though it is only once a year. craziness, but it
makes her happy, so yay.

i am taking my grumpy-but-open mind out and on a trip to meet meg and
minimeg (and maybe sabra) for lunch in a bit... more yay there. to
look at me, one would never know that i *enjoy* hanging out with
mathematics phds, but it is blessed relief on days like this.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Everything...all at once

In order of (in some cases, missed) occurrence:

14 September:  Happy birthday, Harry.  I will continue to try to not kill you in the upcoming year, especially since you were such good help catching cats this weekend. That was a fantastic birthday present.   

18 September:  Happy birthday to Susan (Wildrun )...I admire you so, so much!

20 September:  Happy birthday to Ms Grammarian !  I am vicariously soaking up the big city excitement, and wishing you the best!  :-)

21 September:  Happy birthday to Mommy, who is batshit-crazy, but has introduced me to a very interesting man.  ilu, Mummers.  

And lastly...happy birthday to me.  Whew.  

In Other News, we had our speuterfest (finally), and caught sixteen (last I heard; some people stayed after I had to leave) and that does not include one two week-old kitten.  And there's more to be caught, but...at least that's something.  We may be out again next weekend.

I have to get back on my crap -- I am spending my birthday working -- but wanted to at least send out hugs.

Things are going well.  :-)


Saturday, September 13, 2008

ahem...::cough, cough::

harry''s birthday is tomorrow. happy birthday, harry.

the 2008 holiday season has begun; celebrate or get out.

that is all.

Friday, September 12, 2008

ilu Modest and Roller Coaster Tycoon!

I took a day today where I *claimed* to be working on Eviljob stuffs, but was really driving around town running errands and fucking around buying makeup at the mall while I was waiting for the pen to be finished -- one of my errands was getting an engraved pen for a co-worker who just took a promotion, and I'd stopped on the 'bad' side of Macy's (the side where the no-life trashy kids hang out outside), and was enjoying Pictures at an Exhibition on public radio when someone from work phoned and totally wrecked my listening, so when I came home tonight I went Mussorgsky-hunting out of boredom and found this!

It's *gorgeous*...it's...it's...

Wow...it's Goth Disney.

I wanna go!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mommy's recipe source!

I damn near died laughing after reading this; my mother is the worst cook on Earth, bless her little chocolate-covered macaroni and cheese with green beans and raisins heart:
Liver Mousse in Port Aspic
From Time to Entertain (1954)
Recipe highlight: "Skin the liverwurst and beat it with the butter...fold in the whipped cream." Do not pass Go. It is not "Time to Entertain." It's time to sit very solemnly and contemplate what's gone so wrong in your life that you've decided that feeding your loved ones liver and jelly in whipped cream is an okay thing to do.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

back at work...and gone again...

today was my first day back at eviljob (and i'm still blogging via
blackjack, so we're sparse on capital letters for the time being), and
it went mostly well. i was backlogged with training change requests --
most of those are stupid, and about half of them i deny; i'm not going
to re-do an entire training packet just cos one region -- or better
yet, one *facility* wants 'local' information cos their tech
department isn't capable of using their imaginations. for example,
filling out a pseudoform with '123 any street, yourtown, usa' has to
all be changed to 4558 walnut lane, shememack az, 42222, because
that's the address of the facility and it's local...and techs will
know that it is a fake address.

because 123 any street, yourtown, usa might not sound fake enough.


so i put in about five hours of rejection, and now meg is taking me to
lunch. or, rather, i am waiting for her; i sneaked out and i guess
she'll turn up eventually. after this, i'm going home; i'm stiff,
sore, and tired.

i wrote a huge post, but decided to wait until i'm home to post it,
cos i probably should do the post pages thing for it.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

talking to mommy

'are you at home?'
'i've been wondering that all evening; help me out here -- what number
did you dial?'
'you are so mean and nasty sometimes...'
'oh, for god's sake'
'are you watching television?'
'go! now! hurry! turn it on!'
(walking to turn the tv on) 'is this important?'
'ok; tv on. what now?'
'turn to kqnn!'
(clicking) 'ok. all this fuss to make me watch the RNC?'
'no. i know you don't care; i just realised something, and i wanted
you to see this!'
'for the record, i "care" plenty; i just already know who will win.'
'oh, now who is being nasty?'
'hush! see that woman?'
'of course.'
'you know that's...'
'you can't be serious; of course i know that is sarah palin'
'do you know what i just realised?'
'...she's a woman?'
'quit! i was listening to her, and it struck me why she seemed so familiar'
'do tell'
'ancodia, that palin woman looks just like you! especially right now!'
'are you batshit?'
'if you wore your hair like that, and were a bit older...'
'you aren't actually *serious*?'
'i would bet that when she was your age, you two would have looked like twins!'
'you interrupted me for *this*?'
'i'm telling you, when you are her age, that is exactly how you will look!'
'i thought you didn't like her'
'i never said that!'
'i could've sworn you did'
'no. only, when you are her age, please cut your hair a little higher.'
'shorter. her hair needs to be shorter; you will look much more
dignified when you are her age if you have shorter hair.'
'good god'
'the top part is nice -- flattering, even. i think that would look good on you'
'you know, OTHER people all over the country right now are actually
LISTENING to what she's SAYING, not focussing on her hair.'
'you have a much better speaking voice, though; you are much
better-modulated and considerate of those listening to you'
'thanks; i'll count on your vote.'
'it's because i worked so with you when you were younger'
'of course' ::eye roll::
'you would do something like stand up there in front of god and
everybody and talk about being a hockey mom-type, though. that was
'calling herself a hockey mom was inappropriate?'
'yes. it just wasn't funny.'
'i didn't hear it; perhaps it wasn't meant to be funny?'
'did you just see that?'
'there! he [mccain] did it again!'
'he raised his arms over his shoulders!'
'they say he can't do it, but i just saw him'
'well, christ; why are you wasting time on the phone with me when you
could be phoning the va and reporting this fraud?'
'you're just like her; you think you're being funny, but you're not'
'oop. now it's over. however will you prove anything?'
'i have it recorded'
'look; this has been fun, but...'
''i think it would be fine for you to have a child when you are
around forty-four.'
'well, i did'
'i'm sorry...WHAT?'
'had my children in my forties.'
'yes, i know that -- i still do not understand what we are talking about'
'none of you had problems; each one of you were the smartest of all your peers'
'not that you are biased or anything'
'it's the truth. you will be glad that you waited.'
'may i go now?'
'well, i want you to promise me one thing'
'when you are her age, i want you to keep your hair shorter, but
well-groomed, as she does, and i want you to remember that a lot of
women have children later in life, after they have established
'that's two things.'
'stop being sarcastic'
'three things'
'i'm hanging up now'


talking to americans

so yesterday, one undergrad starts telling me all her dating woes,
including the creep she just 'broke up' with ... after he basically
date-raped her on their first date, then she kept seeing him and
decided she loved him even though he told her about how he was almost
arrested right after they met for statutorially-raping a 15-yo. so my
girl and this guy date for five months before she finally dumps him,
and what she's most upset about now is that within those five months,
this jackass talked her into spending (on him, of course, for crap)
almost 9k of the 18k her parents had sent her off to our university
with to be used as her pocket/emergency money. and she still is upset
because she thought she was in love with him, and even had their kids'
names picked out. then she explained that she probably should be
happy, cos this does, after all, give her the opportunity to try
dating women, because she totally wants to be a mom with a husband and
totally faithful to him (her words), but she is also really, really
attracted to women. especially older women (who, seeing as how she's
17-19-ish, is just about everyone) who 'stimulate her intellectually'
(who, seeing as how she has jell-o for brains, is probably just about
everyone, as well)

just freaking shoot me.

we started talking when she approached me about voting for her
candidate in the election. i really trust her judgement, so i told her
we'll see...