Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christmas Thievery

Christmas was nice. I haven't gotten to do anything really fun yet, but I'm going out of town next week, so we'll see. :-) I'm hopeful. One of my jobs had a break-in over the break, and some computer equipment was stolen. I can't believe I have to be the one to politely suggest to a coworker that they don't need to go around accusing other people (by calling them at home!!) of doing it, that's the police's job. Sigh. Are there any normal people in the world?!? Hell--of course not; if there were, I'd be married by now.

Why do people jump to conclusions? Why do they always seems to want to insert themselves into someplace where (1) they don't belong, (2) they are incompetent to perform (and I include myself in these; I don't mean incompetent in a bad way--you won't see me hanging out my Ancodia, Girl Detective shingle any time soon), (3) they weren't *asked* to perform, (4) they are more likely than not going to screw up big time and be the cause of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and insults? I just don't get it. And then, when I suggested this person back off and let the people in charge of handling it handle it, they get all offended. Like I wouldn't be offended if someone who isn't even my superior at work called me at night, at home, during a break, and accused me of stealing computers. What is wrong with the world today? I'm not even old enough to be *saying* things like "what is wrong with the world today?", and I know that's uncool. Frickin' dipshit.

I think that part of the problem is that most people wouldn't know empirical proof if it painted itself purple and danced naked on top of a harpsichord, singing "Empirical Proofs Are Here Again". :-) Ok, I somewhat stole that from Black Adder. :-D What galls me is that the person who is doing this is one of the "Never There" underlings during the last semester, and so them calling people, being accusing, is all the worse in my opinion. It's like having your long-lost dimbulb younger brother, the one who left the family ten years ago to become a gold prospector in Alaska, come back and try to tell you how to run Dad's business. What can I say? We hire some stupid people.

Am I upset about losing the stuff? Oh, hell yeah. I hope whomever did it gets caught and all. But really--what can I do? Hmmm...lemme put my brain on this one: Locard's Theory of Transfer says that they've both left and taken something from the crime scene. My superior deductiveness tells me that what they've taken is the computers. And my deductiveness also leads me to the conclusion that what they've left, besides an overall grinchy aura (which it's hard to dust for, and tends to not hold up in court), is clearly fingerprints. Hey--I have a tin of talc here, a whole bitchload of 3x5" index cards, and some leftover scotch tape from Christmas...let me go get on that right now! I can borrow Mom's old-ass vacuum cleaner that one can throw into reverse, fill it with the powder, and have the whole room printed in no time! See what a little ingenuity'll get you?

As always, I have a cunning plan... ;-)

Saturday, December 18, 2004

I need more friends! indication you don't have enough friends is when GMail gives yet more invitations for you to disperse, and you've run out of people to whom you can disperse them. If anyone is interested in a GMail invitation, send an email; I've got five left.

Well, I did end up getting IMed by Nastypants. Sigh. Teach me to not sign off and just sit there, cowering. You know that Toby Keith song, "I wanna talk about me", or whatever it's called (can you tell I'm not exactly the biggest fan Country Music has ever had?)? Ok, so I endured that for a while. Not that I really should complain, because in truth, I don't fare too well talking about myself. I can do ok in conversations talking about ideas, events, things like that; I just have a hard time talking about me-stuff, because I always feel like the other person is getting bored, or something.

Ok, so anyway: Ever since then, I've been at work at my other job, stocking up on hours for holiday shopping. And I've actually started my book. No kidding. And I'm not going to stop until it's done, even if it completely sucks.

One more week of workng my butt off, and then I will cut back to regular part-time hours, and have some semblance of time off. Sort of. More about that later, I guess.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

End-of-semester kvetch

Well, I get this weekend off. Yay. I'll probably just sleep and listen to A Prairie Home Companion. I have things I have to get done, but the past two weeks have been horrible, and I need a mental health break.

I am so very totally looking forward to not having to put up with certain people over the break. Good lord; it's amazing how, when you're under stress, people you would normally be able to just tune out are able to drive you batty. Miss Rudeass, whom I've mentioned before--she's the one who likes to pick fights with the Caffinettes at coffee shops, waitstaff, and anyone else she feels is "beneath" her--has been in full effect these past few weeks. And what's funny is, just as I started typing that last sentence, she just signed onto AIM. I can practice my ignoring her abilities...I'd put on my "away" message, but I wasn't expecting her on, and I've learned from dealing with people like her that it's wisest to just ignore them--don't befriend them, but don't antagonise them. So I'm crossing my fingers, wincing, hoping she doesn't IM me. So far, so good. :-)

The reason I say don't antagonize people like that is because, first off, they have a lot more time than normal people do to devote to campaigning against others. In her case, a whole, whole lot of time, because she's not pulling her weight on the project for sure, and she's doing lousy in classes. But, of course, with her there's an excuse for everything. This semester, she's been moaning about how she's so busy with classes, yet she doesn't hand in anything on time (if at all). It's been difficult handling that issue with grace this semester, because now that we're essentially working and going to school together, it's difficult to dodge the comments others are making. I don't want to get involved; I'm neither for, nor against. That's been my motto. Now, in all honesty, I wish the bitch death on a stick only after a brutal crab infestation, and maybe a round or two of leprosy, but I'm keeping that to myself. :-D

Now, ultimately, it's only a matter of time before everyone wises up to her. As it is now, there's already grumblings here and there. Once they wise up, she'll wander off to greener pastures. But in the meantime, antagonizing her can make it so that she starts gossiping about me, criticizing me, and everything else. It's just not worth it. And I have to keep reminding myself that Life is not fair, and sometimes I won't get to directly witness someone's richly deserved comeuppance. S'ok. I'll cope.

I'd love to be self-indulgent and kvetch about her some more, but I won't. Augh...ok--just a little more. :-) Well, indirectly. As for the "driving me batty" part, once I begged off of going with her for coffee and etc., and a few of us stopped inviting her to lunch, she took up with another girl in our group, and a few of us have nicknamed the pair "the magpies"; Miss Rudeass has a drilling tone that can inspire a raging migraine in 0.10 seconds, and as god is my witness, I believe her kindergarten teacher must've been deaf, 'cos the girl seems to have never been told to use her "indoor voice" in her whole life! The other one is not loud, but she talks about things she knows nothing about as if she'd invented it. Usually you see this behaviour only in men, but I possess knowledge of a female specimen, I tell you. Well, anyway, these two were being their typical magpie selves out in the hall about something they both knew nothing about, chatting each other up in what had to be one of the larger ego blow jobs that poor hall'd witnessed in years (in really loud voices, so that everyone could hear how bright they were). If I am remembering correctly, they were talking about Wi-Fi, but I might be mistaken. Regardless, three of us were (unbeknownst to them) around the corner in one of the offices, within earshot. And the guy with us, who is rather techish, was commenting on everything they said--kind of like a third party in the conversation--and it was hilarious! Miss Rudeass would proclaim something silly, he'd comment something to the effect of "No, it isn't, but I'm sure you have an even less-informed opinion to share--"Sophie", what do you think?" And then "Sophie" (not her real name) would pipe up with something, ironically enough, less-informed. This went on for probably a half-hour, and I was crying from laughing so hard!

So my life doesn't suck all that much. :-) There are some high points in it. Well, not nearly enough--I'm still not dating that really cute guy in one of my classes--but it'll do for now.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004