Thursday, November 03, 2011

Oh...t-t-t-t-talking to myself...

Look, I must have
A star on my door
Or better still
A door a door a door
Ah, swing doors huh?
O-o-o-ok, doors...SWING.

I just was drifting off when Harry phoned, in the middle of a seizure. I got his gf to give him 1.5mg of her klonopin (one of his idiot doctors took him off the Valium I had been having him take some eight months or more ago. No-one ever listens to me. Until they need me. And he didn't keep Benadryl on hand, as I'd told him to. And he won't megadose magnesium.

What in the fuck am I supposed to work with here?

Harry's fine. Zaphod wants me back. Hmph. I've had to put off my graduation until Spring, cos I have no fucking help here. But I've a nice section to teach in Spring. And I'm staying up late to fix my studies. And my friends, apparently.

Everything is mostly the same. I live. My cats are fine. Meg is being a Class A bitch, but she's overworked. And I've been flirting with a migraine headache for a few days.

I am too sleepy to type, but I'll add more later.