Sunday, November 30, 2008

i'm back; remind me to never do that again.

i decided at the last second to go meet what remains of my family --
my brother has a conference-y thing this week a couple hours away, so
with a little behestation from meg, they'd agreed he'd leave out
early, she'd take her regularly-scheduled vacation, and then mom
decided to go, then i decided to, also. i had fun, but spent more than
i'd wanted, and did not really get to 'hang out' with anyone from
Tribe Ancodia.

so that was fun.

and i managed to accomplish little in the way of work (shocker), so i
am up right now, debating whether i am too tired to read essays. sigh.

it has been a long semester, but i am going to miss spending all this
time out at botany bay; i would consider a position out there, but the
head asshat in charge is, well, an asshat. i think it is a
prerequisite to going into administration. after all this time doing
the military/government/academia thing, i still cannot understand what
is so horrid about simply being *nice*.


i also came back to find that i have apparently ticked off mary
catherine, one of my friends from the program; as socially
inappropriate as i can be at times (when amongst friends), i suppose
she should not have been surprised when i called her on some
misinformation she was spewing, but it would seem that she was
surprised by it. i really do not know what to say to that one; i
honestly have not had a lot of experience with 'friends' that rattle
on when they should be shushing. i guess i will deal with it if/when i
get confronted, but in the meantime, it is an annoyance to come back
to find that i am getting the email 'silent treatment' (not too
mature, there). sigh. meh.

in other news, harry is driving me batshit; he is having some kind of
brain rebound thing or something, and i frankly have run out of
suggestions. he is supposed to see this new neurologist this week (i
think), and that day cannot come too soon.

i also wish that i had boarded my cats with this nearby 24-hr vet in
the past; not only are they available by phone all the time, but it is
incredibly easy to pick up my babies at any ol' time that suits me.
coolness. this is the same vet to whom chrissy introduced me ages ago,
the one who was cutting such a break for me price-wise on feral
speuters when i first got started doing the TNR stuff. i kind-of miss
trapping around xmas, listening to xmas carols on the radio as i drove
with stinky boy cats in traps over there. that was fun.

well, in a weird way.

i think that i have decided that i am too tired to really do anything
tonight; i will try again tomorrow. :-) i haven't even described the
fiasco at eviljob that erupted when i was away -- the husband of one
of my friends freaking *left* her, and she had a nervous breakdown.
supermom saved her by performing ego cpr and getting her to settle
down, then something else happened and now schmuckman is expected back
tomorrow -- monday (he found out his new gf snores and cannot cook,
was what i suggested to supermom via text). sigh. men. can't live with
them, can't dig deep enough to outwit cadaver dogs.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

i'm cold and in heat

i have quit teh gambling for tonight. i do not know where the rest of
the famille is right now other than meg (i tried phoning mummers to
tell her good night, but i guess i distracted her from sizzlechest or
something, cos she started in with the 'i love you so much, thank you
for such a fun thanksgiving, this was a great idea, blah, blah,
blah...', then stopped and asked, 'is this meg? ...or ancodia, or
lorelai [my mackerel snapper SiL who is destined to be very bored this
holiday weekend]?'; i just said, 'omfg' and hung up on her. i mean,
we'd just been sat next to each other for over two hours, and on top
of that, it's not like she didn't give birth to me, or could maybe
read caller id), but i am getting ready for a nap before some serious
freaking shopping. in a way i miss thanksgiving at amelia's, but she
is all moved back to minneapolis, and i suppose that i am
better-suited to this rootless, anti-traditional holiday thing,
anyway. one cannot fight one's nature for long, i guess.

i finally decided to leave my table because, aside from the fact that
i need sleep to shop, there was a very handsome guy at my table, and
because i am ovulating, i kept being nice to him, which is *such* a
stupid way to play. in fairness, he was playing 'nice' as well, but
that is just a bad habit waiting to happen; i should know better than
to play when i am ovulating. :-) sigh. or i should just man up and
ask for a date. :-)

butsoanyway, i do not know about the rest of the famille, but as for
me, i ate way too much bavette-style marinated flank steak (zomg,
awesomely good!), and am now comfy in my room; it is freezing (open
windows...there's a crazy woman on!), and i have found the
local radio station that has my nemesis -- delilah -- on teh clockety
radio so i have xmas music, and i am one happy agnostic half-jew
freethinking philosophical lhp-er, let me tell you. i might be a tich
happier if i had taken a swipe at the cute guy downstairs (the magic
eight ball in my head tells me i would have been successful), he might have cooties, or a girlfriend about whom he was
fibbing (he made quite certain that i received the message that he was
tres-way single).

not that men lie, or anything. nah.

i would have brought harry and cindy, but i have already laid out too
much for them this week to be footing (at the very least) the majority
of airfare and hotelling, plus both have to work tomorrow, and also
had dinner plans with a very bizarre friend of cindy's (she works for
a pornography company -- no, not as 'talent'). they seem to be doing
ok; perhaps next year, cos harry is almost family, practically, and i
did spend close to ten hours with cindy on monday and my brain did not
explode. that's promising.

i should check my black friday websites to make sure that i have all
my ducks in a row and no last-minute announcements have happened,
but...i am comfortable, and so i am going to get a little mavericky
here and not fire up the lappy 486.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i am taking off now; getting everything taken care of so that i can
evacuate has been a herculean task, especially when i really just
decided to do it yesterday as i was driving back into Happy Valley,
enjoing the cold night.

i did get (i think) the beginnings of a food-ordering program for our
rescue group going last night; we'll be getting shipments of cat and
dog (rescue group also does dogs) food on the cheap. after all i have
spent, this makes me happy. i heard about it from an office admin out
at our botany bay campus who is also doing that
feral-colony-management thing; she's helped me tons, and yesterday i
got two bags from *her* order, which helped.

ok...have to go...more later.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Holiday Season...FROM JAIL!


It took longer to get him out cos the fucking jail had to go on lock-down (I'm going to 'splain more later), so I spent the WHOLE FUCKING NIGHT hanging out in jail.  Me.  ME.  

On the good side, ShaQuaNeeda The Guard in Central Booking and I are now pals.  

Kill me now.  

What was Harry arrested for?  You won't believe it.  It was a Contempt of Court charge for back-owed child support.  Yeah, for his 22 year old daughter.  Oh, wait -- it gets better:  Want to know how much?  $129.00.  Seriously.  One hundred and twenty-nine dollars.  I do not understand how that turns into a thousand, but...whatever.  And don't tell me 'no', because I *saw* the paperwork when I had to go pick up his girlfriend to get him out.  $129.00 = $1,000.00.  I gave him the receipt and I guess in theory if the order gets vacated, I get my money back (?).  I really have no clue.  I try to not hang out in JAIL.  


I have to teach all day today, and I am exhausted, so of course, I'm giving a test.

Oh, shut up; it'll be a nice one.


Monday, November 24, 2008

hello dad, i'm in jail!

you know the old was not was song?

i like it's nice!


i just paid 1k to spring harry's retarded ass. seriously. out of JAIL.
now i have to wait four to six hours for him to be processed and get
to leave.

now on to the 'and hilarity ensues' part.


Oh, you've heard it:

Friday, November 21, 2008

i'm tired.

almost done with all the Menu Foods claim-filing stuffs.

harry-the-human took my advice and involved the hospital ombudsman,
pt. advocate, or whomever. will be at a new neurologist's today.

today has not even started yet, my throat hurts, and i still have a
mountain of paperwork (job 1), an individual to 'manage' (job 2.5),
and crap to read (job 2). i am also considering whether or not i
should get squooshy's kidney function tested and file that against
Menu Foods, as well.

i need about five or ten clones. i could handle all of this if i had
five or ten clones.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Irony of Fate.

there is unspeakable perversity in listening to sleigh ride (puff
puff's favourite song) whilst feeling sad over losing harry-the-cat as
i am filing my claim forms with menu foods (due by monday) for
murdering my romeo.

not happy. really not happy at all.

i am tempted to start believing in a god just so i can kvetch about
how he poops all over me and my loved ones. right now would be an
example of pure fucking cruelty.


i am soooo tired of self-proclaimed open-minded people proselytising
that i have just deleted all my email from 1 november until today in
most of my email accounts. i have news for them: wanting everyone to
agree with you is not 'open-minded'. get over your damn self.

honestly; i have more politically-based bullshit email (or *had*,
rather) than i ever hope to see again in my lifetime, and it is not
just one group -- everyone seems to have gone batshit.

now for Other News:

Harry-the-Human was just let out...they say his seizures are not
epilepiform, and have packed him onto a plane after a little over
forty-eight hours of video eeg monitoring, which i feel is too short.

having evaluated, purchased, set up, and utilised two complete neuro
sensing suites, i most assuredly am so too qualified to hold this
opinion. so there.


so i had it out on the phone with one of the neurologists when Harry
asked her to phone me. she suggested -- after i pressed her for a
believable alternate dx -- that Harry has complex migraine. i had to
ask why, if she really believed that, would she take him off keppra,
and his other aed cold-turkey and send him home on depakote when
depakote alone has already been shown to be ineffective with Harry. i
suggested topamax (good general results with both epilepsy and
migraine), which he has not tried yet, and a step-down of his current
aeds (which is only common sense), and she vetoed those suggestions
for reasons she would not explain to me.

it is always easier to fuck with people when you can do it from a
distance, i have observed. did i mention that i have lost a heaping
helping of respect for this place?

this is ridiculous because, while Harry may well have absence-like
seizures as a result of complex migraine, he quite
assuredly-fucking-does also have epilepsy. the two *can* co-exist.
see, Harry had spinal meningitis when he was an infant in lebanon (his
father was military; he was conceived and born on base, is an American
of French-Italian descent, and...sigh...has the birth certificate to
prove it. sorry -- have to toss that in these days, it would seem),
and has two huge lesions in his brain as a result. i have personally
seen these lesions on mri. Harry had seizures as a child (his psycho
italian mother from sicily let the army doctors put Harry on
phenobarbitol and when he kept having seizures, she tried to have him
exorcised -- i am not kidding -- and when the priest refused, she
decided that meant Harry was faking, which is pretty talented for a
boy of six or seven, imho), and then the seizures stopped until he was
about thirty (although to hear him give his history, i have to wonder
if they didn't just express as partial seizures, because he has some
stupidities that are hallmarks of TLE throughout his life). i have
also personally witnessed Harry having both tonic-clonic and complex
partial seizures, and this 'migraine headache' this ladyneuro is
claiming Harry has has been understood as a common post-ictal headache
by three other neurologists. so *there*. in addition, Harry was
qualified through the epilepsy foundation as having epilepsy (after
eeg testing), then had a vagus nerve stimulator implanted with his
first neuro, which required further evidence of epileptiform activity,
then moved to another neurologist, who *further*tested him and used
those results to get him on disability, and Harry spent a year having
*those* tests challenged and re-done before he was finally put on the
disability dole. on top of all that, Harry had a partial seizure and
did something really stupid (too long to describe here), and instead
of getting arrested he was put in hospital and had YET MORE shit run,
which also showed artefacts from an epileptic seizure. lastly, *i* say
he has bloody fucking epilepsy based upon my observations and the
available evidence, and i am not wrong because i say so, so *there*.

and that is why i had to eat an ice-fucking-cold lunch, cos i was
arguing with this silly bint. i even fussed at her to take a stand one
way or the other -- if he has epilepsy, we need to keep him on his
meds and look at different combinations if the seizures aren't
controlled and he is not a candidate for surgery. if he is not
epileptic (snort), then we should step down his meds and gradually
withdraw them, replacing them with her beloved depakote (just shoot
me) and my suggsted topamax or an equivalent for when the depakote
turns out to be the same epic fail that it was before...but she would
not commit to any decision, which really made me angry. then, as if i
weren't rabid enough already, she starts in with trying to explain
that Harry is pickled and what i think are complex partial seizures is
really Harry being loopy cos the neuro before this current one put him
on valium and/or klonopin after i suggested Harry carry it with him
and use it when at work, etc., if he feels a seizure starting.

well, they actually ARE aeds, and they also help him from getting
panicky if he thinks he is about to have a fit. further, i am not a
motherfucking neurologist, i just study the brain, so what the fuck do
i know? i knew he was on a cocktail and still fitting, so the
second-most harmless thing i could think of that might help was
benzodiazepines, and his neurologist thought that was a good idea.

in case anyone is simply dying to know, the firstliest most harmless
thing i can think of would be magnesium, but valium is more effective.
so mystery solved.

anyway, so now starts a new battle, i guess. whee. i have to t

Monday, November 17, 2008

In case you are over it as well:

Got Harry to the airport last night, and he flew to this epilepsy thing, and he was able to wander around until he found the hospital and check himself in; he's off his meds, and as soon as they EEG'd him up, he starting having seizures, so he's been basically drunk-dialling me and texting me every few minutes, cos two minutes after he does it, he forgets that he did it, and phones me back again.  Oh, and, I am swamped in work, as in seriously drowning.

I cannot take a week of this.  Bwaah.  But I have plans:
How to Leave the Planet:
  1. Phone NASA. Their phone number is (713) 483-3111. Explain that it is very important that you get away as soon as possible.
  2. If they do not cooperate, phone any friend you may have in the White House—(202) 456-1414—to have a word on your behalf with the guys at NASA.
  3. If you don't have any friends in the White House, phone the Kremlin (ask the overseas operator for 0107-095-295-9051). They don't have any friends there either (at least, none to speak of), but they do seem to have a little influence, so you may as well try.
  4. If that also fails, phone the Pope for guidance. His telephone number is 011-39-6-6982, and I gather his switchboard is infallible.
  5. If all these attempts fail, flag down a passing flying saucer and explain that it is vitally important you get away before your phone bill arrives.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

...and good-bye, Harry.

stick a fork in me, i'm done.

i need to be lesson-prepping, but am waiting to be picked up by
Harry-the-Human cos i promised him i'd take him to dinner before he
went into this hospital program for his epilepsy. he is extremely
nervous about it, and has been having increasingly frequent seizures.
this is an in-patient thing to see if he's a candidate for surgery,
and his neurologist thinks that he will be.

i am freezing, feel like hell, and am still sad over Harry-the-Cat; i
am trying to not let this show. i call foul on all this
holiday-ruining bullshit; next holiday season, i am docking points for
festivity interference. be warned.

Friday, November 14, 2008

goodnight, Harry.

Harry, my adopted outdoors cat with FeLV, had to be put down. He was a
wonderful cat, and whomever let him away from home is a real stinker.
He came to me already pretty old (per vet, minimum of eight years
old), FeLV-positive, and I kept him alive for three years and six
months, almost to the day. He showed up at my house just a day or so
after I found Squooshable, and I decided to not let him indoors until
he was tested for FeLV/FIV because of baby Squooshable, as well as my
other cats. By the time I got him tested (Squoosh's ear infection had
to come first), he'd made my front courtyard area his home, and since
he was away from other cats (both in my house and the neighbourhood),
I saw no reason to change that. I could find nowhere to re-home him,
and so I let him stay where he was, moving him into my garage (where
cats don't go) when the weather was too bad (my front door and
courtyard area is not open to the lawn and road, has covered parts,
and is a pretty roomy area; it's not like he was 100% out-of-doors,
and I brought him in during cat-questionable weather, like temps of 50
and below, and moderate-to-heavy storms). Harry had a nice life in my
courtyard; he was on antibiotics a few times, but was largely
ok-looking (for a leukemia-positive cat), and he mostly played and
sunned himself, and was doing pretty well until he figured out that I
was sneaking Benadryl into his Pill Pocket treats. After that, he
carried a sniffle with him, but was largely ok until today, when he
seemed to nosedive. I was at work when I got a text from a friend who
I'd asked to drop off some things at my house that said 'ur cat rly
bad, wht u wnt me 2do?'. I didn't know which cat (please don't type
emergencies in textspeak, kids), so I replied, 'vet xxx at yyy, now
now now', and tried to get everyone settled so I could leave
(naturally, this has to happen when I am doing a presentation). I sent
'which cat?' about four times before I got the answer 'wht n grey
1????'...which could only be Harry. I knew he had his hands full, so
as I left I sent, 'tell vet to do what's best asap, his call, i'm on
my way'. No more than ten minutes later, my phone chirped with the
message, 'tod 7:48'.

Ok, for personal edification, telling someone their cat just died by
text message is a little, ummm...

Wow; I am having a really hard time saying anything nice, so...

When I got there, I was told that Harry had been semi-conscious (for
the record, he'd appeared ok yesterday morning, and I'd planned on
taking him to my regular vet on Saturday about the sniffles getting
worse again), but seemed fairly happy; he had been purring after some
pain meds that he'd been given because palpating some mass in his
tummy seemed to hurt him. Since I'd said to do what's best (and my
friend told them I was stuck at work, *not* that I was on my way),
they had a tech hold and pet him until he started purring again and
seemed happy after the painkiller, then they euthanised him because Dr
Vet felt pretty certain the abdominal mass was probably cancerous, and
that Harry'd lost more weight than he may have appeared because the
abdominal mass was puffing him out a little to look almost normal, and
with FeLV there was no point in trying to forestall the inevitable and
putting the little guy through a surgery just to have to recover
(maybe) and then die anyway of FeLV or more tumours.

I am saddened that I did not get to say goodbye to Harry, but I guess
this was for the best in the end. I was kicking myself for not
noticing, and Dr Vet gave me the 'cats hide their illnesses' pep talk.
It sounds and feels like pablum, but I guess so. I really did try to
keep a good eye on him.

Probably Harry would have been better off with someone else,
but...there wasn't anyone. Even the FeLV-haven homes I kept hearing
about via the rescue people I know ended up being exaggerations, if
not absolute fiction. As for me, I did the best I could and still hold
down 2.5 jobs, school, and my own cats; I am sorry if it was not
enough, because Harry was a good cat. I am going to miss him. He was
so sweet, and had big, pretty snow-shoe sized paws.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And the girl on blogger said, 'boy, I wanna warn ya, it'll turn into a tea room blitz'...

So I am luxuriating in our hide-away break room...

(that's the one with the flat-screen, full cable, 'puters, sodas, and whatnot that the Unwashed Masses cannot enter)

So I am in our break room at Job 2.71828182846, and a group of us are watching all the protests about all the ridiculous same-sex marriage shit.  I say ridiculous because WHO IN THE FUCK CARES (in a governmental/legislative sense) WHO YOU HAVE SEX WITH OR MARRY (provided they may reasonably consent).  Butsoanyway.  We're watching this on teh cebbles and one of our little group (which includes a couple gays and one lesbian) start talking about a similar protest that's coming right here to Happy Valley this weekend-ish. 

Because I am surrounded by friends, I raise my fist and shout, 'STONEWALL!  STONEWALL!  YEAH!!' because I'm a funny girl like that.  

I get blank stares.

'Stonewall, Stonewall, ' says our lesbian, 'I don't get it; what's Stonewall?'
'Gott in himmel,' I reply, 'what's Stonewall?  Do you kiss girls with that mouth?'

Sigh.  Please.  Chirrin.  Read.  I heard once somewhere that it's fundamental.  Srsly.  I also heard this thing about being doomed to repeat history, but I forget just how it goes...


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

she's being weird again

driving home tonight, i passed an off-campus group's activity thingy
-- an open-air movie. took all i had to go on home and not
stop; i need relaxation, and right now sitting out on a blanket
freezing my tuchas off and being mindless sounds like a ton of fun.


i am exhausted.


Read no further if you are planning on watching the WSOP final table, which is ended from about two hours ago.

I had originally wanted Mantovani, 'cos I am all ironical like that, but then I found this blogmuzak:  

My original choice below:

Congratulations, Peter Eastgate !  A good win, even though I was backing Demidov, for obvious reasons.  :-)  Just kidding -- I am happy for the winner, period.  

...though it would make my life easier in terms of ear-bending time were Meg to win it.  

Friday, November 07, 2008

Prepare for the conversion to DTV

I just got this as a forward, and all I can say is that this lady reminds me of Mom's friend Bella.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm feeling much better.

end trans. 

Think Like You Vote -- Early and Often.

I am trying to stay out of political discussion, but...

*I* am now confused...why is anyone surprised? For those of you who actually fell for that 'Obama hates Jews' shite, it's time to change out the air in your head; hating Jews or not (and we don't know either way what goes on in a man's head, Friend; that's why we look at a man's actions, not his words), Barky has more powerful concerns. So...what's going on?

Three words: Chicago. Political. Machine.

Be Zen about it; it's not a good thing, it's not a bad thing -- it just *is*. Things, in some places, have always run this way; it is *a* way, as are many other ways. Perhaps this way will be better than Bush's way, which was...well...the EPIC FAIL way.

This is not a mystery to anyone but, apparently, ummm...well...

I hate to point fingers. We'll just act like this conversation never happened. You're clear on it all now, yes?

Hee...I call Sec'y of State will be R. J. Daley.

What? Dead you say? But...but...he just voted...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

yet more changes

all is well...i am watching the end of airplane (for rhe
eleventy-gillionth time) and listening to the relaxing sound of my
dishwasher. this rocks.

i haven't said anything so as to not jinx things, but my brother has a
big change coming, and we have all been very nervous and
bated-of-breath on his behalf; he has two huge hoops to clear, and,
well...we've just heard that he has cleared one of them. go, doofus.

neither one is easier -- today we heard that he was selected out of a
ton of applicants to a major american university/teaching hospital to
basically do research beginning in 2009 which will give him a sub-
sub-specialisation and this is really great, huge honour, and whatnot.
he annoys the hell out of me, but my brother is an exceptional
physician (as was my father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and so
on), and anyone who says otherwise is itchin' for a fight.


to take this position though, he has to be *allowed* to take it --
remember, he's still got a few years until our government lets him go.
every year, they will allow ONE person to leave for a special
appointment such as this, and the one person for this year (2009) was
selected a long time ago.

oh, it gets more intense.

for some reason, even though the whole one-person thing is carved in
stone, 2009's one person became *two*. so now we are waiting to hear
if he is the second one person for 2009 - whenever. if the answer is
no, he will have to try again in 2010, which sucks ass.

my sister is in a tizz because my brother is so financially retarded
it's sad; if he gets everything we've just gone over, he and famille
have to move to this hospital -- it is in another state. since he has
been in tx, he has been over-paying his mortgage (very dumb; one is
better off investing the extra money), and wants to sell the house.
meg thinks he should keep it as a rental property at this point
because of all he has put into the damned house. but that is just one
more family squabble which means nothing; all that will settle itself.
what we are worried over is clearing this whole one-person hurdle.


my mother is still celebrating a local election result with the other
panthers; they have been trying to get this sorry bastard unseated,
and i won't go so far as to say that it *worked*, but the gent did
lose the election, and that's good -- he was a crooked, creepy

you know -- like most politicians.



the day after

thank ceiling cat that it's over. i am still expressing no opinion, as
i do not care to be categorised as a 'kool-aid drinker' or a
'sexist/racist, ignorant conservative'.

i assure you that i am neither.

congratulations if your candidate(s) were victorious; this election
was a watershed event on many different fronts, and celebration is
most certainly in order.

if your candidate(s) were not, i offer that mccain's concession speech
was very dignified, heartfelt, and graceful; you should feel proud to
have supported such an honourable person.

again, thank ceiling cat that it is OVER.

my one moment of abject terror came out in botany bay as i caught the
tail end of a news report on the radio (it was actually the word
'panther' which snapped me out of my reverie) that said '...panthers
at the polling place, threatening and intimidating voters; one of the
panthers is said to be waving a nightstick, and, when asked by poll
workers to leave, refused. police are expected...'. tammany mommany?

now don't you know i about shit right there; i must have turned white
with shock -- i honestly heard ringing in my ears. i mean, last i
checked, voter intimidation was a pretty serious event. i was fumbling
for my cell phone to get a hold of meg and work out how we were going
to get ol' batshit tweed bailed out of jail (to hell with bella,
loonie, toonie, and sizzle chest) when they recapped and explained
that it was the *black* panthers, not the batshit-grey panthers.

sigh. so much for my mommy's dream of a grey panther political machine
here in happy valley. making the news would have made them happy.

so how was *your* day?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

here's to the winners of the human race; here's to the losers in the game...

holy shit.

mummers phoned and woke me at just after four-fricking-ayem to ask if
i wanted to join her batshit-grey panther demonstration today, as if i
didn't have to do things like sleep and work; she's going to vote and
then yell at people with her friends bella, looney, toonie, and sizzle
chest. they've decided who to vote for and are mobilising.

after, she said they'll probably have lunch at olive garden.

if you have to vote at an old people place and some batshit woman
starts making with the haranguing at you, i am really sorry about
that; we have honestly been told that she doesn't need meds for this.
we've done our best.

plus, i think she and sizzle chest are doing that old-people dating
thing. be kind.

i am getting ready to leave; i woke up with another headache for the
third consecutive day, and i think i will phone harry and see if he
wants to meet me out in botany bay for dinner after my classes are
done. i was supposed to meet betty (unlike mommy & co., everyone else
i know voted ages ago), but she picked up an overtime shift at her
hospital 'cos i guess they're expecting all manner of fights and
injuries today.

don't worry -- mummers isn't armed, and the most dangerous thing in my
mommy's neighbourhood is my mommy.

i just hope she doesn't try to run anyone over.

i planned on being with betty -- and now harry -- because i figure
that i am going to subject myself to the least amount of stress if i
control my surroundings today. there will be no political discussions.
yay. plus, everyone else on my 'safe' list (i either know who they
voted for with certainty, or am 100% convinced of their sanity in that
even if their candidate were to start trailing, they would not start
screaming, raging, picking fights, and whatnot) is at their own work

mr squooshable wants me to mention that if anyone is still undecided,
they can write him in; he say if elected, he do good job. argh! on
enemy, purr for friend, and everyone gets all the dental floss they
can eat; that's his platform.

have a good day -- i am trying to do the same.

Monday, November 03, 2008

I am starting my own country

I am.  Rilly.  We're a monarchy, and there are NO elections allowed; anyone even *thinking* the word 'election' is subject to death
Something really bad.  Like death by election. 
I am watching The Chocolate News on the Comedy Channel, and to be honest, my stuck-up honkey ass found the opening monologue offensive.  Sigh...remote, pleez.
I am hurting especially because I am dividing myself across a few different environments that are different enough that the only way I win is by being neutral; I cannot believe the rabies some have this go-round. 
So enough about them, eh?
I am *so* looking forward to my drive tomorrow...I need the alone time.  Last week, I tried to take a picture of the *gorgeous* drive I have back, but the camera on my cell looked 'eh', so I tried to take a picture using my pda's camera, but the lighting was all wrong.  I need to get more 120 film and try to get some really decent pictures, but the truth is that I am probably just enjoying being ALONE so much that everything looks better than it is.  :-) 
I honestly never realised until this semester how extremely *un*-alone I am; I have people around me all the fricking time, unless I am at home, and I have a really hard time turning off then -- I always have tv, radio, whatever on, plus computer, IM, cell phone,and so on.  Ridonkulous. 
I've learnt a new word, see?  Ridonkulous.  I have one girl who is just so freaking *cute* -- she's Filipino, has a crush on this other guy in this class, and so she goes all out with the Baby Phat, the Juicy Couture, and the lipschmear; she's very *shiny*.  She smiles all the time, can speak Tagalog but doesn't want to in front of other people, wants to be a nurse, and she taught me ridonkulous.  I asked her what 'ridonkulous' meant, and was told -- and I quote -- 'it's like, donkey-ridiculous, man!'
I amn't certain if that is correct (part of her definition missing the more obvious mark of my gender, which raises concern), but we're going to run with that on this blog just because she's adorable.  :-D  Donkey-ridiculous. 
I have to get to sleep soon (the one thing that I do not like about my Tues/Thurs is that they start early and end late).  My *personal* recommendation for tomorrow is to take some kind of sedative, and go on a looong drive, listen to psychotics on the radio (one of whom may well be your mommy), and laugh your ass off. 
Well, that's what *I* am going to do. 

Stereotypes; enough already.


I cannot wait until this election is over; if I get told by ONE MORE PERSON who I am voting for (yes, told by them), I will not be responsible for what I do.  Seriously.

For what it's worth, the assumptions go both ways -- I typically am either voting McCain because I am white/a woman, or Obama because I am affiliated with a university/clearly liberal.  Whatever the reason given, it's always an oversimplification -- no way in hell could I actually be assessing something on its own merits, it would seem; no matter what I am doing, I am 'following the herd'.

Getting really tired of it over here...