Sunday, August 19, 2012

I feel lucky...oh-so lucky...

Today I found, by a total freak accident, the majority of my mother's valuable jewellery hoard. This includes one piece that I have been heartbroken over (potentially) losing because of its monetary and sentimental value.

My god, but my mother hid things well. Had I not happened to look for No Reason Whatsoever today, this all would have likely been thrown out.

The expensive commissioned piece I am giving to Meg. Mom would have wanted her to have it. The rest are some pieces I would like for sentimental reasons, but I won't die if Meg or my brother wants them.

In Other News, I am free. Yes, that's right; after all these years, I am finally graduated and DONE. So...I am coming back here more often.

A few years ago, I had been in a meeting, and I was trying to post a blog via email, so that it would look like I was working. Stupidity being what it is, I accidentally emailed someone in our group -- also a member of the faculty -- from the wrong email address. I don't think this person would look that email address up, but in case they did, I was concerned for my anonymity. At the very least, I couldn't speak freely here any longer.

Well, until a couple weeks ago.

At the moment, I'm going to nap. I have been crying in happiness since I found Mummers' cache of 'real' jewellery (her less-valuable and costume pieces were kept in a jewellery box like normal; things she was afraid might be stolen and were irreplaceable, she hid), and my eyes are tired, but my heart is light. I am ok. Everything is going to be ok now.

More later, but this time I mean it. <3

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