Thursday, September 22, 2011


My father sent an email wishing me a happy birthday. That's a new one. I guess he is getting more comfortable with technology. :D He did send his usual hand-written card as well, though. He has always said electronic communication is impersonal. Ha, ha.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More September

I have vowed (I promise I will explain after December) that I can only blog from two devices -- my cell phone, via an app that is Ancodia-devoted, or on my iPod, also via an app that houses nothing but this blog.

I had a little 'mistake' a while ago. Butsoanyway.

I was working on getting a study up online when Karen phoned. As a brief catch-up, she annoyed the hell out of me years ago, but we've become BFFs (sorta, for me) since. Our backgrounds are really similar (she's even half-Jewish, though she was mitzvaed, and i wasn't), and blah, blah, blah. Anyway, since i am depressed and alone, i took her out to lunch (on the phone; it's a weirdness we share), but she had to go (she is a researcher in my field at a hospital in a major city not far from here), so...I'm alone. I'm eating Chinese (best coconut shrimp on Earth), and I am alone.


I'm fine, really. I don't have that hang-up some people do about eating alone. Even when i don't have something to do, eating alone has never bothered me. Dunno. I'm weird.


I would go shopping after this, but i need to get back to work, and in the back of my mind, i can hear my mother saying 'oh, Ancodia, you will take any excuse to spend money!' Feh...she's wrong. Don't listen to her. XD

Ahhh...after leaving me for twenty minutes, Karen's back. And I am almost done eating. Monday, I tamped down my tears with MAC's Evil Eyes pallette, so i probably won't shop. But i have to eat and get back to work.

And i so want this coconut shrimp recipe!


I suck. I have been so drowning...I'm sorry. I missed Harry's birthday, Wildrun's, Ms. Grammarian's...and a few others. I'm sorry.

Today would have been Mummers' birthday. I have been a little -- okay, more than a little -- depressed this week. Mom was the 21st, I am the 22nd, and we always had this kind of birthday partnership, matching mommy/daughter birthdays (I have to phrase it that way because it annoys Meg so). I miss my birthday partner.

I have been working constantly, it seems. Karen was felled by a headache for two days, and right now I am chalking mine up to stress and sadness. I have already gotten this year's flu shot, so at least that's taken care of.

Speaking of which, last weekend Meg and I went to see Contagion as a sort of early birthday thing, and it was a good movie. Meg hated that they fell back on the 'the Government is incompetent' trope, while I countered that, plot-wise, two hours of watching one department head cataloguing viral families, applying for Animal Subject study approval, amending their IRB protocol to allow Human Subject experimentation, then filling out Form HS-2011-65-1899a, k, and p in sextuplicate and waiting eight weeks for amended protocol approval and requisition of military personnel for the Human Subjects phase would be The Most Completely Fucking Boring Movie Ever. Meg countered by saying that what's-her-name who injects herself to test her own vaccine is 'so me'.

Meh. I hate paperwork.

I have a backlog of drafts that I will try to get around to addressing. If you are reading this, I love you. Please take care of yourself for me. The beginning of Holiday season is a bittersweet time now, but with perseverance we will all make it. <3

It's a time to celebrate, and always will be. Even if today is a bit sad.

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