Monday, June 20, 2011


I cannot say anything yet, so I'll have to cheer here. My brother is finally back in the USA, and will be on his way home to Washington in a few hours. Yesterday broke my heart, because he was supposed to be back last weekend. I know that it hurt him to miss Father's Day with his children.

I can't say anything yet publicly, because that's just how our family is, it's kind of a Jewish superstition sort of thing. It's weird how even though Meg and I are atheists, the years of enculturation still kick in; when something good happens, one doesn't celebrate until it *actually* happens, and it's better to not talk about at if I personally have the ability to make his plane to WA crash, or something.

Yeah, I'm amazing like that.

The past six weeks have been hellish; I taught Summer A courses, and haven't had a moment to think.

I have to go get crap written, but I was simply bursting to tell someone that dear Brat was home from Shitcanistan. Well, home-ish. I wish I could have gone to pick him up with Meg, but there was no way to get coverage or time at both jobs. :( *I* am really upset, but I'll live. Meg feels terribly about it, so she bought a couple Oprah bras for me at the mall near Ft. Bumpkin, where Brat is hoofing into from his plane.

I typically don't wear Oprah bras; that's a Meg thing, so I don't know what they are called.

I really must be upset over this whole brother thing, because I have been cramping up a storm. Bleurgh.

Ok...back to work before I crash a plane.

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