Sunday, September 15, 2013

Your nose is longer than a telephone wire...

In my latest drama, I am still job-searching, and the Rampaging Fucktard (formerly This Guy, now just RF), is STILL stalking and harassing me. His latest stunt had been to put up fake profiles with my email address on dating websites -- two so far. I am not replying to the tragic men who are emailing me, as it isn't their fault. Everyone with experience dealing with narcissists/sociopaths has told me that ignoring him is the best route, unless I have solid proof that he has violated the order of protection I have, and unfortunately the police are not willing to investigate him to see if he did this; I have to have something solid, like from spraying him with mace when he comes near me. I have a feeling he has had protective orders out against him before, because all of the things he is doing are just 'legal' enough that I would look like a crazy woman if I reported it. So I have been going with No Reaction.

I would not wish this idiot psycho on any other person, or I'd be hoping he finds a girlfriend; as it stands, I hope he gets hit by a bus. Ok, truth is that I doubt someone as crazy and narcissistic as he is could ever find someone who would put up with his shit for longer than a few months, and that's if they are charitably-hearted. Like seriously. The biggest mistake I made was feeling sorry for him. Whether it is a man or a woman, learn from my mistakes: if you feel sorry for someone, run like hell. Normal adults do not seem so pathetic that you feel badly for simply stating that you don't want to be around them. And normal adults do not view or phrase things in terms of their self-worth (e.g., trying to prove they are 'good enough' or better with outlandishly transparent lies; statements such as 'you make me feel so great' ...what is going to happen when you 'make them' feel shitty? Also, really, the ludicrous lies and claims of Greatness that just do not measure up to Reality should be a huge red flag).

Anyway, the same soft head...err...heart that rescues cats now has me getting mash notes from guys all over the US because this loser cannot let me be.


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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Just for the sake of feeling pain

I am reading something that I shouldn't. And as much as I wish I could quit, I just simply cannot. It's lies, stupid lies. I know this. At least I am not deluded.

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