Thursday, August 31, 2006

Most Durable Ear Worm EVER

I Was Made For Dancing, by Leif Garrett.


As one of my co-workers said, this *is* worse than Bananaphone.


Deafening silence fills the room...

No matter how many times i read Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for
Meaning (this time, just in time to give a short lecture on it), i am
amazed at how inspiring and relevant it is, even now. Cool. Just
very, very cool. 'Live as if you were living for the second time and
had acted as wrongly the first time as you are about to act now'.
Frankl is awesome. And if anyone else in the room has read him (heh),
i am sure we will have a *lot* to talk about. Not that i expect them
to or anything, but i hope this year's group is different from last
year's. Now *that* is hope and faith. :-)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Kitty update

I bought a trap at, or whatever it's called. I just
left Eviljob and i didn't see the kittens, but i did see Mehitabel
(from a distance) and i saw two teenagers. One was a tortie, and the
other one was orange, so now i'm wondering if those were the ones i
saw last night. Sigh.

Rolling Snake-Cats and the Kangaroo-Possums That Love Them on the next Geraldo.

Ancodia: Look at this: CAT TRAP
Harry: Ok
Ancodia: well, could you build it?
Harry: Easy--15 minutes
Ancodia: Do you know where I could get a 5-gallon bucket like that?
Ancodia: The white bucket doesn't come with it.
Harry: Any Home Depot. It’s a common paint bucket, they sell them new for about $3
Ancodia: Oh, ok--HD sells them empty and clean, or with paint in them?
Harry: What does brand new mean to you?
Ancodia: It could be brand new, with paint in it!
Harry: 5 gallons of paint for $3
Ancodia: But I don't *want* the paint--I want just the empty, clean bucket.
Harry: Come on Ancodia, you’re making my brain hurt
Ancodia: Can I just buy the empty, clean bucket?
Ancodia: Or not?
Harry: Of course. You’re not this dumb; it’s an empty new clean bucket, now stop
Ancodia: Re-read what you wrote, and tell me how I am supposed to know that it has no paint in it. Jesus Jumping Christ.
Ancodia: But you could build it ok?
Ancodia: Can you make it so that the screws that attach the bucket to the top part don't poke inside, so no animal will be hurt?
Harry: you can't buy 5 gal of paint for $3 you cant even buy a quart for that
Ancodia: I AM A GIRL. HOW IN THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW HOW MUCH PAINT COSTS?????????? You don't know how much Bobbie Brown lipstick costs, do you? Huh?
Harry: it doesn’t really work like that but if it’s a concern I will use cap nuts. Do you know what they are?
Ancodia: See above comment.
Harry: I know your lipstick costs more than $3
Ancodia: And I don't need to know what cap nuts are; I just want to know that they won't be pokey.
Harry: Let me handle it, you just buy it. You know it will have to stand up to catch her, right?
Ancodia: They could sell generic HD white paint for cheap! How in the hell do you know they don't? How am *I* supposed to know that? Maybe it's like, cheap defective paint! It could be last year’s colours, or something! Who the fuck knows?
Ancodia: What do you mean, ‘stand up’?
Harry: Stop, just stop. You’re not even funny
Harry: did you look at the pictures?
Ancodia: I am not trying to be funny, I am being serious. You do this all the time and assume I know what you mean.
Ancodia: What pictures?
Harry: At the bottom w/ the directions.
Ancodia: I sort-of looked at them.
Ancodia: I figured it would be easier for you to look at them.
Harry: Look at the third picture, the one w/ the cat. The bucket sits straight up, not on its side
Ancodia: No, it lies on its side so the animals can walk in.
Harry: No, then a cat could roll away! Look at the picture
Harry: You want her to jump in, she will never walk in.
Ancodia: No, the frame around the front part keeps that from happening—it is squared-off.
Harry: But she won’t set off the button that has to have weight put on it.
Harry: You didn’t really look, did you?
Ancodia: GAH! Try reading! You put the food behind the plate-thingy, and she pulls the plate thingy to get at the food.
Harry: No, if you put the food under the plate thingy the trap won’t close!
Ancodia: Yes, it will--look at the very top-most picture, with all the cartoon animals walking in. That's how it's set.
Harry: Yes, for small animals and cartoon animals, but cats are bigger and smarter. it will catch on her tail she will back out
Ancodia: BWAAH! Take a look at it! It's too long to catch her tail if you use a 5-gallon bucket!
Harry: A 5 gallon bucket is 18" high
Ancodia: ...exactly how long do you think a cat's tail is?
Harry: How about body and tail and head? Go measure one.
Ancodia: The trap part goes on top of the bucket, making it even longer, too.
Ancodia: You're talking about one long-ass motherfucking snake cat, dude.
Harry: No! It fits in the bucket.
Harry: IN IN IN!
Ancodia: That's what I'm saying!! GAHD!!! The cat will fit in the bucket!
Harry: Not when it’s on its side. Chrissy's were a good 24 to 30 inches
Ancodia: Chrissy’s were around 30" +, and look at the damn picture--the trpa part doesn't go all the way in.
Ancodia: trap part.
Ancodia: You're upsetting me and making me type poorly, you wiener.
Harry: That’s why it has to stand up so when the cat JUMPS in they trip the lever, not walk past it
Harry: That’s it; I will never buy you tools, ever .
Ancodia: Fer chrissake--LOOK AT THE PIC WITH THE KITTY IN THE BUCKET! That's a NORMAL CAT! There are no ginormous snake-cats around, Harry! YOU'RE SCARING ME!!!
Harry: You’re going to catch a bunch of squirrels.
Ancodia: Look at the pic in the snow! IT DOESN'T sit upright! BWAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ancodia: afk to pound my head against a wall.
Harry: The pic of the cat is sitting upright! Why do you think that is? A better pose maybe?
Ancodia: Uh, DUH! How else can you see the cat fits in the bucket?
Ancodia: There's a possum right above that! Exactly how high do you think a possum can jump??? Do you think that possum just FLEW in there???
Ancodia: They have short little possum legs; I know 'cos I've seen them on Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas. They cannot jump high enough to go into the trap if it is sitting upright.
Harry: They are fat and bulky, and can’t maneuver like a cat! Just do what you want. Order the trap, and I will build it .
Ancodia: Ok. That was all I wanted to know. Thank you.
Harry: we’re not trying to catch a possum are we?
Ancodia: Fitz, you have my word of honour--if I set the trap upright and catch a kangaroo-possum, I will give it to you for free. You can sell it to the circus, and I won’t claim rights to one red cent.
Ancodia: Jackass.
Ancodia: You can have first dibs on any snake-cats I catch, too.
Harry: But if you set it on its side, the un-kangaroo possum will walk in and lock the cat out.
Ancodia: BWAAH!
Ancodia: SHUT UP!
Ancodia: SHUT UP NOW!
Harry: :))
Harry: :-*
Ancodia: lol
Harry: So you finally figured it out?
Ancodia: Figured what out?
Harry: That the trap has to be right side up! Hello, McFly?
Ancodia: No, it lies on its side! Look at the top pic and the pic in the snow!
Harry: Not and catch a cat, god dammit!
Ancodia: AUUUUUGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harry: Squirrels, possum, stupid students, yes / cats, no!
Ancodia: NO.
Harry: ?
Ancodia: IT LIES ON ITS SIDE. **READ THE INSTRUCTIONS** The animal closes the door by PULLING on the lever thing to get at the food.
Ancodia: Just shoot me.
Harry: Tempting.
Ancodia:'re supposed to be the mechanically-inclined one.
Ancodia: And no more talking about kangaroo-possums and snake-cats.
Ancodia: Look at the fricking RACCOON! Raccoons DON'T JUMP!
Harry: I am mechanically inclined, so much so that I wonder if I can fit you in the bucket- on its side and full of cheap paint.
Ancodia: Talking to you should involve hazard pay.
Harry: Which is why it’s on its side. Cats do jump, hence jump onto the bucket, see the food, jump inside, spring the lever, latch the door w/ their tail in the trap w/ them
Ancodia: I should be required by OSHA to wear safety goggles when I talk with you, or something.
Ancodia: NO! NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harry: Why would you wear goggles? you sure as hell don't follow any other directions and you think I believe you would follow OSHA’s?
Harry: Well?
Ancodia: Kiss my fuzzy butt.
Harry: Move your fuzzy nose.
Ancodia: Would you do a favour for me?
Harry: yes
Ancodia: The company has an 800-number. Phone them and ask.
Harry: ok

Harry: Ok, he said it can go either way, but on its side is probably better. But he said that I am right because on its side you will catch a lot of squirrels and raccoons.
Ancodia: Would you do another favour for me?
Harry: Yes
Ancodia: Shut up.
Harry: You just hate it when I am right.
Ancodia: Yeah, that's it exactly. Thanks & bye.
Harry: No problem.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Great. That's just great.

Well, i'm on my way back from visiting my father, and i just swung by
Eviljob to feed the cats. No sign of Mehitabel, but i now have three
new kittens to do something with. They ran from my car, but came back
to eat after i drove off (i doubled back to make sure they ate).
There are two torties and one orange one, and i would guess that they
are about five or six months old. I don't know what i am going to do.
I just don't. Shoot myself, maybe? There just is no more time that i
can make available. This is just never-ending, and there just is no
way to win. I can't do this all. I am just feeling very desperate
right now. Of course i have no trap or net with me, and too much
tomorrow and this week to know when i could do anything. Damn it. I am
feeling so overwhelmed right at this moment that i am almost having a
panic attack.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Reach out and touch faith!

Your own Corporate Jesus!

(and He accepts Pay Pal!)



Today's Prairie Home Companion is a joke show! Yay!

Friday, August 25, 2006

When things are not absolute disasters...

I'm not used to it. Our new group (my new Job Two) looks like it might
actually be ok. I am posting by phone right now; we had our first
marathon kick-off meeting today, and there was nothing eventful, for
once. No stupidity, nothing. I'm unaccustomed to that. But i do have
to get used to a new group. Whee. And find lunch somewhere. Gah.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

This must end...

Yet another night that i get no sleep at all. Fantastic.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Say what?

Well, then.

On Tuesdays, I pack quite a bit into twenty-four hours; I double up on some Eviljob things (and come in on the weekends) so that I can have Wednesday and Friday more or less free.  

And then school started back.  

Now, this doesn’t really affect me; I plan ahead for things, at least somewhat.  :-)  Unfortunately, one of my work-friends who has decided to go back to school didn’t plan so well, and so put me on alert that she might need me to let her cover me this afternoon and then I would come in and run her class on Wednesday morning for just this week.  Let’s call her BB.  So I told BB ‘sure’, and asked her on Monday if she still needed the favour.  She said no.

Okay, fine.  I had some things I wanted to do this afternoon (oh, yeah — I really desperately wanted to haggle with DURR on the phone as I am driving around for an hour), plus I kind of ran out of things to do at Eviljob, and the idea of leaving early had become appealing, so I sent my manager a heads up that I was leaving mid-day.  

So I am gathering my crap up to leave, and BB (we’re in the same cubi-room) turns and gives me this venomous look and says, ‘you need to tell me RIGHT NOW what is going on!’


Okay, so I decided to not go and get all offended straight off (shit…I am lying; too late.  No one speaks to me like that.  Ever.); I just calmly told her that I was leaving , and kept talking over her (calmly) when she started freaking that she hadn’t agreed to anything, etc…  It worked; I could tell that she felt like an ass, but I still didn’t get an apology.  I would ask (simply for form’s sake) if I should be as ticked as I am/was, but again—too late.  Needless to say, any future requests will meet with a resounding, ‘I’m busy’.  If I don’t go so far as to glance at my watchless wrist and declare that I have a ‘thing’.    

Man, I swear.

And the really bad thing about this is that after I do get irritated at someone for things like this, I have to keep reminding myself to stay upsettish.  I don’t mind the need for clarification, or anything like that; I just don’t like the form it took.  And the failure to apologise, or even attempt to explain or justify that form; if someone wants to really piss me off, just do what BB did (and Sophie does *constantly*):  Be dead wrong, offensive in the process, and when confronted with your rudeness and wrongness, just say, ‘oh’.

I am really eager for Blogger to implement the private postings.  Whee.  

Okay…now I need to get to sleep.


Monday, August 21, 2006

Top Twenty Ways to Save (and possibly make!) Money, by Frugal Auntie Griselda

With a little help from NWA*, Auntie Griselda brings you the most savingest list straight outta Compton:

(1) Instead of purchasing towels, weave new towels yourself from dryer lint.

(2) Do not accept the stated price; haggle with prostitutes.

(3) Shoplift.

(4) Stage a slip-and-fall accident at a large corporation.

(5) Seek inexpensive entertainment; for example, the children's section of the Library often has free story times.

(6) Write your own legal documents and press releases explaining why you were arrested whilst skulking around the children's section of the Library.

(7) Commit a crime which requires DNA matching; leave clues as to who you are at the crime scene. Confess to the crime, and then refuse to give DNA. In an effort to coax you to leave a DNA ‘sample’, the police will tempt you with free food, drinks, and cigarettes. Depending on how long you keep pocketing your cigarette butts, eating your pizza crusts, and using the same cup, this may carry you through several free meals. BONUS: Includes free dinner conversation with detectives, which is a lot like watching Law and Order. Or dinner theatre.

(8) Invest your money in purchasables that offer continued returns: Don’t buy clothes; instead buy sheep and a loom. A book of wallpaper samples and a stapler are clothing investments which rate an A+ from Frugal Auntie Griselda! Trendy patterns change too frequently to make cloth a wise investment, and today’s ‘fun’ patterns are tomorrow’s fashion mistakes—instead, pull out a sample and staple it into a cool top or pair of pants! Similarly, why buy shoes when there are so many free phone books around? Just tear out a few pages, secure them to your feet with twine, and decorate them to match your frugal ensemble! This works especially well if you have children, who grow too quickly to make any kind of footwear a sensible outlay of cash.

(9) Don’t be shy about picking something out of the trash…or other people’s handbags, strollers, cars, or homes.

(10) If you can’t quit smoking, at least stop buying. Bum cigarettes off everyone, and don’t be shy about raiding the ashtrays to collect the butts and roll your own. And remember: phone books are free—rolling papers aren’t!

(11) Waste not, want not: keep a supply of razor blades on hand to scrape out the last of the peanut butter, mayo, etc... And remember that pica is always a low-cost alternative to eating out. Or eating.

(12) Before your health coverage runs out, get prescriptions for popular street drugs (e.g., Oxycontin), and sell the pills; use the profit to pay COBRA to keep those pills (and the cash) rolling in!

(13) Heard of Snakes on a Plane? Play Snakes in a Grocery Store! Let loose a few slithery buggers and start screaming in panic. Then make off with your shopping in the confusion…all free, except for the cost of the snakes.

(14) Capture your own snakes. This can be done safely—Frugal Auntie Griselda is just sure of it. Just keep in mind that mnemonic: If the nose is yellow, it’s probably frostbite. Or however it goes.

(15) Try sucking out the poison yourself before splurging on an antivenin kit, and remember—if it’s black and/or blue it may be a bruise, not the results of snakebite; bruises will eventually go away. Frugal Auntie Griselda bruises her entire arm or leg and cannot remember how she did it all the time—no need to be an alarmist about it. No one likes hypochondriacal whiners, dear.

(16) Get your freak on…inexpensively. Try developing a fetish for less-expensive substitutes. For example, leather is just a stone’s throw away from the much more affordable Naugahyde, and you’ll have the benefit of knowing that no Naugas died for your pleasure! Why patronise expensive ‘adult’ stores when you have just stolen a refrigerator full of produce (see Tip # 13)? Why spend money on ‘adult’ magazines when you can draw stick-figures? Use kids’ ‘dress-up’ shoes instead of the more expensive ‘fuck-me pumps’—they’re cheaper, and you don’t really need to wear them out, or even stand up in them. Why buy a $75 fetish dog collar, when Target has the real thing on clearance for $1.75?

*Please note: Frugal Auntie Griselda is not responsible for what may ensue should law enforcement come to your home to discuss #s 6 and 7 with you and you open the door dressed in Naugahyde, wearing a dog collar, and holding a Barbie shoe in one hand and a Vaselined stalk of celery in the other. Auntie Griselda did NOT tell you to do that.

(18) Sell lesser-needed body parts on eBay.

(19) Set your thermostat to ‘OFF’.

(20) Wash yourself, your clothes, and your kids (and/or pets) at the same time…in the same bathtub. This can help cut down on laundry products as well—no need to buy powdered oxygen when you and your children can make your own oxygen by blowing bubbles. Or whatnot.

*the rap group, not the tacky airline.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Please Help the Kitties!

In honour of National Homeless Animal's Day, I am including a picture of my Squooshable. :-) I need to take some more pictures, I know. Please go by Wildrun and find out more--and remember that my Squooshable was once a homeless animal, and he has turned out to be an absolute joy!

Today we didn't get Mehitabel (I am going to have a party when I catch that little cat!), and Chrissy had to leave to take her boyfriend to the hospital (it really is always something) when he woke up and his leg was numb. Chrissy didn't seem worried about it, and told me to phone her this evening to get some more traps, because she is not a morning person and had forgotten to bring them.

I have a lot more to talk about, but this is my NHAD post, so I will leave it for later.

Please--help the kitties!


Friday, August 18, 2006

Excuse me, stewardess; I speak unemployed!

...or something like that.

I am still laughing over a post that I just read over at the Super Happy Funtime Blog.

Insensitive? Naah. I just have to mention that there's a longer list, though--in case saving just a *little* money isn't enough: Be Frugal, Damn You!

Things have gotten really hectic here, but it's mostly just the typical beginning-of-semester stuff, and next week promises to be worse. Augh. And then the week after...

Oh, let's not think about that. :-)

But I still live. And I am trying to be frugal. ;-) I want to make my own list of ways to save (or make!) money--I think *my* list would be more helpful!

Here's a start:

(1) Instead of purchasing new towels, weave new towels yourself from dryer lint.
(2) Do not accept the stated price; haggle with prostitutes.
(3) Shoplift.
(4) Stage a slip-and-fall accident at a large corporation.
(5) Seek inexpensive entertainment; for example, the children's section of the Library often has free storytimes.
(6) Write your own legal documents and press releases explaining why you were arrested whilst skulking around the children's section of the Library.

More to come...


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another sleepless night. Pfft.

I cannot sleep. I don’t know why. I just gave up a little bit ago, and got online to play poker until it is time to go to work.

Ok, I lied; I do know why, but why is immaterial.

Everyone is fine; cats are fine, famille is fine, and Meg is living in Vegas and driving into L.A. for events only—but that’s good; she’s happier that way. And I finally got a hold of Chrissy today…err…yesterday now.

Oi, what a mess.

Chrissy’s been having a *lot* of personal problems, the least of which is definitely not the fact that she has to find somewhere for sixty cats and kittens in a little under three months because she put her house up for sale because she had to and moved in with her boyfriend (she is divorced, and couldn’t keep up with the house payments), and now *he* is having to move. So that’s what has been going on with her. She said Bonnie is back, so will be soon; I forget which, but whatever. I am just happy that Bonnie is ok.


Chrissy also has had a falling-out with another rescue lady that she fosters for, because of a few cats that this other lady asked Chrissy to shuttle to the vet, or pick up, and then ‘forgot’ about—as in Chrissy was supposed to just figure out something to do with them. Chrissy said that she got sick of it enough that she refused to pick up two or three from Dr Superhero because she knew it would turn into another group that she had to keep ad infinitum, and they stayed there two weeks. Dr Superhero was pissed off. Well, as pissed off as he gets about things like that, which in reality is not very much.

Chrissy offered to try and help me Sunday, ‘cos she also wants to go by PetsMart and talk to this lady (who will be doing adoptions). So we’ll see. She wants to ask why, for the batch of kittens she was given by this lady, she has to pay for FeLV/FIV tests before she’ll take them back.

I dunno. I’m trying to stay out of it.

And what’s really weird is that I just heard some kind of like, frog noise or something outside that I swear sounded like a modem for a second, and that really freaked me out! Weirdness.

I mean, I refuse to believe that my frogs still have dial up.

Hee…, baby!

I need a vacation.

What I need is Autumn and Winter! I need the holiday season, damnit! I want Halloween! I want to go on a fucking hayride and celebrate the god damned holiday season, for chrissake. It’s too damned hot. I was just thinking tonight (as I was trying to bore myself to sleep) that it would be cool to have neat Halloween stuff on my blog. Not that I know what, or anything. I really think that I want to bump Halloween up, but I don’t know if I can get everyone to cooperate. :-D People are ornery creatures of habit like that.

Last year was good enough, and in all honesty, I liked doing all the trapping and everything; it was kinda fun, even though my car was reeking of tomcat for a while. I was having so much fun that it really didn’t bother me at all. Well, not really a lot. And I saw SquooshDaddy a week or so ago, so the neutering thing must have gone ok—he’s still alive and not fighting (though I did see him spray a bush), and he’s lost the tomcat thickness now. He looks like my Squoosh, just with a tail. :-)

I need to be fucking off less (though strangely, it doesn’t feel as if I am doing all that much fucking off) and reading more to catch up for our brand-new, shiny meetings coming up, but when I think about it, I am getting depressed. Once Blogger implements the taking posts private thing, I will be able to talk more about it. I have a post started that mentions it, but I am a dip and just started this new post instead.


Only three and a half more weeks until the Holiday Season.



Sunday, August 13, 2006

CV implants: The Industry of Tomorrow

I am depressed, and I want to be put to sleep.

…anyone remember that one segment of Phil Hendrie?

Okay, maybe I imagined it.


I am completely bummed-out, having spent the past few hours revamping my CV-thingy at my New Employer’s behest.

Fack. All these years, all those lines, and I feel like I have accomplished NOTHING.

And it doesn’t help that, after ignoring the god-damned thing for two years, I finally *had* to update it, so I asked for a copy of a university professor’s I am friends with to use as a guide along with another co-worker’s, and the others I found online. I mainly wanted hers to model, ‘cos she is involved in really similar endeavours. And what a guide it is. Sheesh.

Yes, that’s right; I’m whining ‘cos I’ve been standing in the intellectual locker room all day, and…HERS IS BIGGER THAN MINE!!!

No, really; hers is impressive; it’s at least…ummm, let’s see; a normal piece of paper is 11” long, so that would make hers…


FORTY-FOUR INCHES LONGER. And actually, a little bit more, ‘cos she’s dangling out onto an additional page. Christ; put a cup on that, won’t you?

Yes, it’s true: I have CV-envy.

Although they say it’s not the length that matters, we all know differently, right? I mean, it isn’t the width—we’re both hanging in there at 8.5”—and sure, it’s all about what you put into it, but still…

How will I ever please an employer?!? How can I possibly whip my teensy little CV out and brandish it proudly at that one crucial moment? I have, in the words of Harry Crumb, one pathetic little fallacy here. Gah! I need another forty-four inches, and stat.

I’m going to check my spam folder…

AHA! Here! An ad for a diploma mill! Guaranteed to increase the size of your CV by ELEVEN INCHES!

Oh, what crap is that? I need forty-four.


I like drunk wobbly people…they a’ight!

Sometimes the things I have to work on just simply leave me cold. I don’t want to do them. And I know that’s being undisciplined, but whatever—something that should (or could, rather) take about four or five hours stretches to require a majority of the day.


So! On to the next subject!

Today I didn’t see Mehitabel, but I left food and water for her, and I did see her brother—he is a black tux with one black toe.

Okay—Episode Two of FoL is tomorrow, and I found two funny reviews of Episode one here and here. And yes, Somethin’ seems to really have…erm…pooped on the staircase. And he kept her. God help us all.

And anyone who tells me that this isn’t at least half-staged, I will call a liar; there is NO WAY Buckwild is for real. NO WAY. If it weren’t for the fact that Flav asked Big Rick to help him name Eye’z (that was my personal tip-off), I would have thought Buckwild was the spy because of the way she was acting.

I really want macaroni and cheese right now (*my* recipe, which is awesome), and something on pumpernickel. Okay…what was I talking about again?


Friday, August 11, 2006

It's three, three, three posts in one!

I am fine, and I think that everything is going to be okay, though I guess it still remains to be seen.  What is going on is that, basically, I have caused my own problems here.

Shocker, eh?

I got sold because, in the spirit of covering my own ass, I started inserting some of my personal projects into other things.  I mentioned some of it here.  But the short of it is that I guess it worked…just in a weird way.

So we’ll see.

I have a ton of paperwork to do, and then I will have some more.  It may take a couple of weeks to dig out, but eventually I will.  I keep reminding myself that this is a good thing; it is potentially a really good thing.

Though I do miss Meg.  :-\  As I have been working on my crap and writing this, I am shooting clips off the DVD of Lucky that I am watching with my cell and sending them to her cell phone…and the biznitch is not responding.  

…and that was written last night; Meg wasn’t responding ‘cos she was in a game and doing really well.  :-)  She rang me back several hours later and said that she was thrilled that I’d quit sending her stuff.  Though she wants a copy of my bootleg copy of Lucky. :-)  One of the clips I sent to her I had entitled, My Suggestion for When You Run Out of Money, and the clip was Vinnie making $2,500 for Lucky by getting hit by cars (intentionally) in front of the diner.  Hee…

Today I spent running around, and I will do the same thing tomorrow.  So essentially, I don’t have any down-time until Sunday.  Argh.  I had made my mind up to say something to that one guy—like actually begin a conversation—if I saw him again this Saturday, but then I decided to mention it to a work-friend, and she somewhat read the Riot Act to me because she doesn’t think it is a good idea.  But, on the other hand, she had me barefoot and pregnant five minutes into the discussion, and that was after her first suggesting that I should forget about it ‘cos am clearly ovulating.  Sigh.  And I haven’t had time to think about it, so I’ll see.  

And I did see Mehitabel today, and she doesn’t look pregnant.  I am still feeding and watering her practically every day.  I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP.

And Meg just phoned me (this is turning out to be another composite post) as she’s leaving the Bellagio; she did really well tonight, and is explaining to me that every Swedish player thinks he’s Gus Hansen (this actually is funny, especially the way Meg is telling it), ‘cos she just won a lot of money off a Swedish player who was playing pretty badly, to hear her tell it.

Okay…now I need to go to sleep.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I would love to say that I told you so…

I am a bad Blogger. No, really. I am a fucking sucky-assed, sorry excuse for a Blogger. It’s sad, rilly. I start and stop trains of thought, go for days without posting, and carry on sidebar conversations via email and IM that make me feel as if I have already said something a thousand times. So I suck, and it’s sad. Pity me.


The phone numbers station ‘mystery’ has been solved. Cool—now I don’t have to think about it. And as interesting as I found it, I don’t have the time to think about it. So there. And I would love to say ‘I told you so’ because I latched on to the part about using A-Ha’s Little Black Heart bridge solely because of its similarity in feel to the music of actual numbers stations, but that post is stuck somewhere in drafts, ‘cos I just haven’t had enough time these past few months to mull anything over unless I am being paid or having brain-dead, non-thinking fun.

…as if I had time to sit around wondering about this stuff, ‘cos when I do, I always do it in my car or something like that, where I cannot do anything about it. But I do feel better; it’s not those god damned KGB crickets from Public Radio, at least.

So, that was fun. Well, to the extent that it provided table conversation for Meg and me. And I agree: Little Rock, Ottawa, Lubbock. :-) In the words of Scotty Nguyen, it’s all good, Baby!


Mehitabel’s been in hiding, probably somewhere in the shade; it’s damn hot. The only times I see her anymore is very early in the morning, or in the early evening, if then. And I don’t know what I am going to do still; Chrissy has vanished on me (I have NO idea what is going on there; she has literally vanished, and I don’t have the time to track her down, especially when all her calls are going unanswered, and her voicemail’s full. If I weren’t certain that I had done nothing to offend her, I’d think she was offended; as it stands, I think she’s going through some weird shit. There’s a story there, but I am too scattered-feeling to wade through it. In sum, I think it is a Personal Issue), Bonnie is busy with family-stuff, and I cannot even find the time to go track down traps on my own—which is not that big of a deal, seeing as I have NO idea when I would be able to put them out and faithfully collect them; I am capable of handling a lot, but I am not capable of managing two jobs, school full-time, and removing entire feral colonies—I just can’t do it. Plus, what tiny patches of free time I have I need, and desperately—I am getting weird again, and I am almost back to having no social life (which is my own fault, but…I keep promising to get to that explanation). And I also don’t believe that Mehitabel is going to walk into a trap.

No, I haven’t given up…I am just regrouping. I do not know what to do, and I do not have enough time to figure it out right now; this happened at a suck-ass time. I am keeping Mehitabel (and all of the cats) fed and watered regularly, and that is about all that I can successfully manage on my own.

Until I think of something, that is. I am training myself off of getting all panicky about it by remembering that if we were to be attacked by robots, or zombies, or something (or robots *and* zombies!), that my Number One Priority would be to save Romeo, Weebie, and Squooshable. And Harry, my Outdoors Cat. And Meg. And Mom. And probably my father. And his wife. And probably my brother, too. And *his* wife. And their children. And Harry. And his pets. And his idiot girlfriend. Though Harry’s pets would definitely have precedence. And so on. Priorities are like that.

I am trying very hard to teach myself not to panic and cry about all of this. It’s happening everywhere—I am just able to *see* this, and so that makes it worse. To me.

Plus, I have to remind myself that there are cats in trouble everywhere, and if I don’t stay focussed on my work, I am going to end up not producing anything, getting fired, and having no degree. Well, other than the ones I already have, but that’s not the point. I’ll also have no way to help these cats, ‘cos I will be working somewhere Monday through Friday, 9 – 5, and not making what I do now. Or I will have to sell my soul back to Eviljob on a full-time basis, get depressed, and plath the bejeezus out of myself. And I won’t be able to do anything more than I am currently doing, to top it all off! I might have more time on the weekends, but I would be unhappy and resentful, and so on. If I went back to Eviljob in a full-time capacity, I would be back to travelling all the time, and not be able to feed them regularly (and apparently couldn’t find anyone else to pay to do it), and if I didn’t go with Eviljob full-time, I would have less money to feed the little guys and less money to donate towards the rescuing of *other* little guys, and etc…

Does it show that I have been working on myself here? Battle. War. Battle. War.

Still working on it.


Saturday was really great, for having been spent at Eviljob. What made it really great was (and here is where I get all stupid and pathetic; put on your protective gear) that I ran into someone accidentally whom I haven’t seen in quite a while (of course, it’s a guy), and became ridiculously happy at first because he was genuinely pleased to see me in this surprised, ‘wow’ kind of way. So much so that it merited a comment from the co-worker I was walking with after he left.

So This Guy was all making with the ‘gol-dern I really miss you’ stuff, and then I shook the rocks out of my head, smiled and et cetera, and went back to my conversation with the female co-worker I was on my way out with. My problem? No guts and no time. Seriously. But…it was still Really Great, because this person is…just great. Seriously. Oh, fuck it—if I were a different person, I would have done him a couple of years ago. And then I saw him again today for a second when I was outside taking a break (and a personal phone call), but I was on the phone with Meg and was saved from talking. Thank god.

Well, what in the hell would I say? We don’t work in the same area any longer (and haven’t for some time; a ton has changed, so there’s no Common Ground to catch up on), we already did the Mutual Admiration Thing for a minute, and ‘so how’s Life treating you?’ only carries one so far in a conversation. And although I haven’t seen him in probably close to a year prior to this, I don’t really have anything intelligent to say.

Well, other than, ‘what’re you doing here on a Saturday?’. That one didn’t occur to me at the time.

Well, I was flustered. I don't think well on my feet, I just *look* like I think well on my feet. In actuality, my mind is mush if you press the right buttons.

Meg is having a blast, I think. Even though she hates LA and will probably go back to Vegas after the 7-card hi-lo tournament (yes, I’ve written ‘hi-lo’. I have given up, ‘cos Meg corrects me in text messages even; I am a minority). Meg really cracked me up today when I phoned her on my lunch break; I was teasing her about having joined MS-13, and she said that she put in applications with MS-13, the Latin Kings, and the Mexican Mafia and will go with whichever one has the best benefits package. I was begging her to just come back home and re-start The Purple Gang—just the two of us—and then she started telling me how the La Brea Tar Pits (yes, I know that’s a pleonasm, but again—I’m in the minority) are the cleanest and least smelly part of LA. Which says a lot.

About LA, that is.

She is also teasing me that she’s taken Squoosh with her and taught him to play poker, and if I could remember any of her descriptions right now, I would share because they are pretty funny, but I can’t because I am over-tired. But if Squooshable were human and played poker, he would be Scotty Nguyen, Baby!

For what it’s worth, if Romeo were human and played poker, he would be Sammy Farha.


…so why am I up? Because I am NERVOUS. *V*E*R*Y* NERVOUS. I have the first meeting since I was sold into slavery coming up, and I am still waiting to see what’s up with all this.

I will know more later. I hope.

And Autumn is just around the corner…I can feel it! Well, except for all the heat, sun, and rain. But whatever—it is almost the holiday season!

This year’s Holiday Season is scheduled to begin on 14 September. Any modifications to this date will be announced at lest ten minutes in advance, and any future announcements shall supersede this announcement.

Get your holiday gear ready.